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New Honda Civic Hybrid Off to a Good Start in Japan

Reuters. Honda Motor Co. said on Tuesday it had received some 700 pre-sale orders in Japan for its newly introduced 2006 Civic hybrid sedan (earlier post) over a one-month period. The car goes on sale 22 November.

That compares with an average monthly sales target of 500 units for the life of the model, and actual domestic sales of 36 units a month for the previous Civic hybrid model during 2004.

Compared to the 2005 Civic Hybrid, the 2006 model with the new IMA is 18% more powerful than its predecessor while delivering improved fuel economy. The new IMA also adds the ability to cruise only under the power of the electric motor.

Honda has targeted annual global sales of more than 600,000 Civics, including 40,000 hybrid versions. For the gasoline-only Civic, first-month orders in Japan came in at roughly 2,000 units, in line with the monthly sales target.

Honda said that more than half of the orders for the gasoline-only Civic were for the higher-end 1.8GL version, boding well for the line’s profitability.



Wonder how many litres per hundred this thing gets in practical driving conditions. I know the Prius is nothing spectacular. Hope it beats it. The Prius is ugly. :)

Go VW Golf TDi !! 100 Kw, 320 Nm, 5.7l/100.

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