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New Small Automotive Motor from Aichi and Asmo

Magfine reduced weight motor

Japan’s Asmo Co and Aichi Steel have announced their joint development of a small automotive motor using Aichi’s Magfine. The motor, designed for applications such as power seats and windows, or windshield wipers, is downsized by 50% and reduced in weight by 40% compared to the previous model, and will be deployed in the Toyota Crown.

Magfine is a Nd-Fe-B (neodymium, iron, and boron) anisotropic bonded magnet which has a magnetic energy product of 25 MGOe (megagauss-oersteds) and a high heat resistance of up to 150º C, according to Aichi, which developed the production technology for the magnet powder and the resulting anisotropic bonded magnets.

The Magfine motor design uses a four-pole magnet design, reducing the thickness of the magnet and yoke, and increasing the armature size.




Wonder where they got the idea for this totally obsolete electric motor. I thought Edison had died?

There are tiny brushless, external rotor motors out there that would put any of these to shame. The motor in your hard drive would do it.

God save us from automotive engineers without imagination or the ability to innovate.


But Lucas, don't you realize that this is a result of a deficit of engineering graduates and first-year engineering students?

Harvey D

Let's not belittled Toyota's numerous applications. The Crown is one of the best 'Taxi' car in the world and getting better and more effcient every year. Too bad they are not used for NY City (and other) cabs. They could reduce fuel consumption and pollution and last longer.


Size and weight reduction are the plus factor here (low duty-cycle automotive applications). A brushless DC motor could work, but at more expense and complexity due to the external controls required.

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