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Among the seven concept vehicles Toyota will introduce at the upcoming 39th Tokyo Motor Show will be a new hydrogen fuel cell hybrid vehicle—the Fine-X (“Fuel cell INnovation Emotion eXperiment”)—and an Estima Hybrid Concept minivan.

The new D-4S gasoline engine that combines direct injection into the cylinder with port injection will also be on display.

The Fine-X fuel cell hybrid combines Toyota’s own fuel cell with its hybrid drive and uses a 70Mpa (700 bar, 10,000 psi) high-pressure hydrogen tank developed in-house for storage. The gull-wing concept provides four-wheel independent drive control through in-wheel electric motors that enable such operational functions as on-the-spot rotation.

Toyota is also pursuing a carbon-neutral system by using plant-based materials for interior and exterior components. As a result, even if these components are incinerated upon disposal (thermal recycling), there will be no overall addition to the amount of CO2 in the environment.

The Estima hybrid concept combines Toyota’s current hybrid drive system, THS II, with electric 4WD, and an exhaust heat recovery system.

More details closer to the show.



That's a very good concept, D-4S gasoline engine that combines direct injection into the cylinder..Awesome.

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