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Brazil Passes One Million Mark for Natural Gas Vehicles

1 million+ NGVs in Brazil. The left Y axis marks monthly sales; the right Y axis the total.

The GNV (Natural Gas Vehicle) Committee of IBP (Brazilian Petroleum and Gas Institute) has confirmed that Brazil has passed the one million mark for natural gas vehicles, reaching 1,000,424 by the end of September.

IBP says that the average number of conversions this year has increased to 18,220 per month, with 695 conversion shops operating in the country. Refuelling stations have also increased, now totalling 1,124.

IBP announced the statistics at the annual NGV conference and exhibition in Rio De Janeiro last month.

Brazilian Average Fuel Prices, Sep 05 (US$/liter)
Natural gas (m3) Gasoline Ethanol Diesel
$0.543 $1.110 $0.583 $0.759

Brazil is second only to Argentina in the number of natural gas vehicles on its roads; as of April 2005, Argentina had 1,439,527 NGVs and 1,402 refueling stations, according to the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles.

Pakistan, with 800,000, comes third, followed by Italy, India and then the USA.


Jorge Luiz Silva

I want to know how much cost to conversion to a bi fuel car like gasoline and natural gas and. the brazilian kit is available, to the public.
how much cost to open a kit-gas conversion store?

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