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Case IH Shows Diesel Hybrid Tractor Prototype

The pro Hybrid EECVT concept. The battery sits in the module at the nose of the tractor, replacing the front weight.

Case IH displayed a diesel-hybrid concept tractor at the recent Agritechnica show in Germany.

The ProHyrbid EECVT is based on a Case MXM tractor and combines a 120 kW (160 hp) diesel engine offering 800 Nm torque with two 50kW (67 hp) electric motor/generators. The prototype draws on technology from the Steyr continuously variable transmission (CVT) now used in Case’s CVX tractors.

One of the motors acts as a generator providing electrical power to the other which serves as a traction motor. Excess energy is stored in a large 456V, 11.5 kWh battery that sits on the tractor’s nose in place of a front weight.

Regenerative braking recharges the battery. In addition to an all-electric mode operation, the system can channel drive from both electric motors and the diesel engine through the transmission as required.

Case is exploring the use of electrical power to drive implements. The project has been under development since 1999 and several units have been working out in the field but as yet Case says it has no plans to introduce the concept.


tom deplume

Being a city boy i wouldn't think farm tractors do enough stop and go to make hybrid drive advantageus.

orville lynner

When pulling a cultivator, working the ground, there would be
very little regen. But for pulling a wagon with a load on hilly ground would make lots of opportunities for regen. Much of the boondocks is hilly country, not like near cities. (Except San Francisco !!!)


The electric motor is the same size as in a Prius! I guess running the output through a transmission rather than using it directly allows it to pull a much bigger load.


Using electrical connections to drive equipment instead of PTO shafts or belts would be a huge improvment for safety.

Robert Merkel

I would have thought that this tractor was a bit too big to use as a utility tractor; I'd say it's going to be used for pulling heavy machinery (big ploughs, balers and so on) most of the time.

Though that standstill torque from the electric motors would be very, very useful in a utility tractor...

Personally, if you were looking for opportunities for electric vehicles on farms, an electric four-wheeled motorcycle (ATV) wouldn't be a bad one. They generally don't need huge range or enormous top speed, and spend a hell of a lot of time idling.

richard schumacher

As in a Diesel-electric locomotive an electric drive can be better than a mechanical transmission at providing low-speed torque and tractive effort. Better fuel economy and reduced emissions are freebies.

Does anyone have a pointer to more details of the system Case uses in this prototype? Is it a power-spilt device like that in a Toyota Prius, or is it a pure series arrangement?


Unfortunately, there appears to be nothing on the web regarding this.  At least, not in English.


I'm trying to get some more detail from the company.


The magical words come together: Diesel and hybrid. :)

800Nm? With only 120kW I'm guessing it is a very low geared v10 with natural aspiration.

Why don't they want to introduce this? Its a naiive question tho because I suppose there could be a million reasons. The real question I guess is why has nobody else thought to make such a concept. Hybrid machines are generally superior for their torque so it would be ideal for farming and large transport vehicles.

Don Fletcher

The prime use of this tractor would be as a loader tractor, the tractor that must repeatedly go forward and back to move materials loses most of the energy used to move it one way when it changes direction.

I expect that in this application it would benefit from a greater wattage.

Luís Nunes

Why waste the electricity produced by the diesel engine
and, it`s advantages - "instant high torque", fuel eco-
nomy, pollution free,etc..

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