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Bosch Expanding Further in China, Sees Diesel Sales Growing to 15% in 10 Years

Chrysler Canada Considering Diesel Minivans

CP. DaimlerChrysler is considering selling a Canada-only diesel-engine version of its minivans while preparing a major product offensive for 2006.

DaimlerChrysler in Europe sells fuel-efficient diesel variants of the Voyager, as well as the Chrysler 300 sedan and other models, but Chrysler’s Canadian diesel offerings are confined to trucks and Jeeps.

Steven Landry [ new president of the automaker’s Canadian division] disclosed that “there’s an investigation on whether diesel minivans make sense for Canada” as DaimlerChrysler finds itself without a hybrid powertrain at a time of consumer anxiety over fuel costs.

“It’s not an investigation that says whether it makes sense for the U.S. as well,” he added. “It was one that was launched just by the Canadian operation.”

“Even though the price of fuel has been coming down, I think the sting over the last three months was nasty enough that people are going to remember it...”

Buyers are “not going to just jump right back into bigger vehicles,” he said. “Consumers have accepted the warning shot.”

Chrysler Diesel Voyager Minivan
  2.5-liter 2.8-liter
* Combined European cycle.
Power hp (kW) 143 (105) 149 (110)
Toque Nm 251 266
Emissions Euro 3 Euro 3
Fuel consumption* l/100km 7.7 8.4
Fuel economy mpg US 30.6 28
CO2 g/km 203 221

Chrylser currently offers 2.5-liter and 2.8-liter turbo diesels in the 2005 Model Year Voyager and Grand Voyager minivans in Europe.

DaimlerChrysler yesterday announced a C$768 million (US $640 million) investment plan in its Canadian operations, including new investments in facilities, flexible manufacturing and automotive research and development.



I want a Chrysler 300 diesel wagon as sold in europe.
22 mpg city 36 mpg highway
218 hp at 4000rpm
376 lb/ft at 2000rpm!
And it costs exactly the same as the 3.5 litre gas model.

Its intereseting how the Candian market is diverging furter and furter from the US.
They get the Smart, Mecerdes B class, Yaris hatch, and now diesel minivans.


DaimlerChrysler to Launch New Sprinter in March 2006; Platform for Plug-in Hybrid and Fuel Cell Work

I'm waiting for this technology to hit Diamler/Chrysler or anybody's commuter vehicle fleets.

I want a small vehicle Diesel Hybrid PHEV with a light, light body and a Lithium Ion battery. I'm irritated that
noone has jumped all over this or even hinted at it.

They need to do a PHEV diesel hybrid out of their Dodge Neon. The mileage potential out of that would be fantastic. With that I'd run B100 (100% biodiesel) and be free of fossil fuels for the most part while filling up every few months.

Nismo Tuned

Indeed the Canadian market is leading the way forward in N.America with more fuel efficient vehicles. Already the Yaris seems to be selling well.

It would be interesting to see what an impact a Yaris D4-D would have on the market. Although not in production yet, based on the first Yaris of 64.2mpg (4.35l/100km), this would be a huge leap in the minds of most people in N.America who have simply never been offered a 'normal' car with such capability.

Of course options such as stop/start are already used in Japanese Yaris (Vitz) and would push boundaries further.

Diesel acceptance is inevitable, (more so after Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) but it has to be presented clearly as a viable alternative to the much hyped hybrid technology already available.

Also PSA have somewhat committed to a Diesel Hybrid production vehicle... so all in all there is a good indication that diesel technology will be brought to Canada, allbeit a good deal later than in Europe.

Doug Miller

I have already sent my request for the diesel mini van to Chrysler Canada. I was disappointed in the answer from them saying they are still doing marketing studies on it's viability in Canada. My neighbour would buy one right away. What are they waiting for???


In California the politicians outlawed diesel engines and then invested in hybrids, diesels pollute less than a gas cars, but they won't make the politicians any money.

Marty Ficken

When Chrysler comes up with a Diesel Town and Country Minivan, I will buy one.

Seats down = 4x8 sheet of plywood flat on the floor.

Seats up = 7 passengers.

Economy of a Diesel.

Would be a great combo.


I know Europe has the diesel minivan. What would I have to do to get one here in he states?

Rosemary Sikes

Have a 1990 Plymouth voyager. It now has 140,000 miles on it. Has been a very dependable vehicle. Would like a diesel minivan to replace it. If Europe can have them give us the option.


The Chrysler minivan design has won me over. If Chrysler is smart enough to introduce the diesel version into the Canadian market, it will sell as rapidly as the VW Jetta DTI. I’m disappointed Chrysler hasn’t made this move yet.

Don Carley

Has anyone located or has info. on the Chrysler diesel minivan which was going to be introduced in Canada ? Any news or info. is greatly appriciated. Sincerely,Don


I've been after Chrysler for years to deliver a Diesel in the USA, they've been in the UK and EU for decades. The sales people have taken me aside and told me the US OIL Industry is discouraging Detroit from bringing out Diesels in the USA. Hyundai has had a nice diesel ( +52MPG ) for 5+ years available world-wide, but also won't sell it here for same reasons. Ford's been selling their Focus with diesel in UK and EU for some time, also. What few vehicles available ( VW and MB ) are costly, compared to gas versions. It REALLY Sucks not being able to purchase diesel in vehicles you like due to politics .....

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