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Chicago Tribune. Honda has been offering a $1,200 incentive to its dealers on each sale of an Accord Hybrid—the first hybrid car to receive such financial support from the manufacturer.

The offers are scheduled to end 5 Dec. Dealers can pass any or all of that money along to the consumer. The 2006 Accord Hybrid will go on sale around 1 Dec with new front and rear styling changes.

Sales of the Accord Hybrid dipped to 1,266 in October, down from 2,336 in August and 2,352 in September. Honda had targeted 20,000 units sold for all of 2005, and is currently tracking slightly above 15,000 through October.

Honda designed the Accord hybrid (earlier post) with performance more in mind than fuel economy. While the EPA rates the Prius at 55 mpg US, and the Civic Hybrid at 50 mpg, the Accord hybrid offers only 32 mpg.


The Anonymous Poster

The Accord Hybrid should have been equipped with a four-cylinder engine instead of the V6 (which is what Toyota will be doing with their upcoming hybrid Camry).

There's nothing wrong with hybrids designed for performance, but Honda should have kept those drivetrains for their Acura lineup. It makes more sense from a product point of view.


In some sense, this is comforting. Perhaps people have concluded that focusing on performance as opposed to conservation is not the way to go. If one is really interested in conserving fuel, the Accord is not the way to go.


The core Accord buying audience is not too interested in power, especially when it costs a lot more- look at 4cyl vs V6 numbers on the road. Honda has barked up the wrong tree here, both in engineering it to the V6 and marketing it as a more powerful, as opposed to more efficient, Accord.

Their marketing has been almost nonexistent, and focused completely wrong. The HAH should be their flagship. The ad should sound like "...exactly what you expect- the Accord you know and love, except it gets better mileage and a tax credit to boot."

Nobody knows what to compare the HAH to- so they end up comparing it to the smaller hybrids- where it doesn't look so hot. Honda needs to shift people's focus to comparing it against every single other family sedan, not the small hybrids. Then you suddenly have a category killer, as it used to be.

James White

Interesting. Honda is paying people to buy the more powerful Accord while Toyota can charge more than retail for their Prius. Hmmm....

Robert Schwartz

"The core Accord buying audience is not too interested in power"

Speak for yourself. I own 2 Accord V6s and I love them. I particullarly love the 2003 which has 240hp and is really fast. If I worried about paying for gas, I would have bought a Civic.


I've got a HAH myself, and I love it in every way. But the fact is that there are far far more I4 Accords out there than V6. I didn't say everyone; I said the core- most buyers, not all. Not going for the core buying group was a mistake.

little shop

Actually I think the Accord v6 hybrid gets close to the mpg of the 4cly and yes a 4cyl hybrid would be even better but its a great car as it is now. It really helps with emmisions and 37 highway 29 city are great #'s for that size car and better then the 4cyl non hybrid. The 6cyl turns into a 3cyl during highway cruising too.

Mikhail Capone

"It really helps with emmisions"

Actually, that's not true for models before 2006. The Accord and Civic hybrids 2005 are ULEV, just like the non-hybrid models.

It's only with the 2006 models that they become SULEV.

little shop

It DOES help with emmisions, the car pollutes less then the 6cyl non hybrid and probobly less then a 4cyl non hybrid too. Its not as clean as the Prius and new accord but thats not what I was saying. Its cleaner then the non hybrid 6cyl.


I guess I am not a "core Accord" man. However, I have a great car. I own a HAH and am very impressed with it. I have owned many other cars and this is the best yet. I also always pay extra for any extra power I can get. I don't street race or drive like a maniac but I love to accelerate quickly and have a neck snapping downshift from time to time. Our options now are: displacement, supercharger, turbo OR performance hybrid. Oh ya, I forgot, I get better mileage than my 1995 4 cylinder Accord which is running like a top still.
I know why I bought this car and it has surpassed my expectations. I don't want a wierd looking "green" car I am too much of an enthusiast for that.

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