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Coming shortly after its announcement of a US franchise network for converting gasoline and diesel engines to run on natural gas or propane (earlier post), Hybrid Fuel Systems (HFS) has announced an exclusive sub-license agreement with BPM Diesel Engineering in the UK.

Under the terms of the license agreement, BPM is the exclusive representative for Hybrid’s technology throughout the United Kingdom. BPM is required to purchase at least 25 systems annually in order to maintain their exclusivity.

This marks HFS’s second international sub-license, the first being with WITCO in China. (Earlier post.)

BPM has been working with Hybrid for several years and during the past year, we have jointly been running a field test of the system here in the United Kingdom. During September, 2004, we converted an ERF ECX 6X2 tractor. In the field, the converted vehicle has proven as reliable as the dedicated diesel and our fuel displacement rate has ranged from 50% to 60% over a wide range of duty cycles and load.

—Barry McCooey, Managing Director of BPM


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