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Hybrid Technologies to Partner with VW on Electric Concept

Hybrid Technologies, the maker of custom electric versions of the PT Cruiser, Crossfire, smart car and Mini Cooper (earlier post), will begin working with Volkswagen on an electric concept vehicle for the automaker.

Under the terms of a recent agreement, Volkswagen and Hybrid Technologies will jointly produce a lithium-ion powered concept vehicle to be utilized by Volkswagen. The project will remain under wraps for several months while development work is conducted at the new Hybrid Technologies facility in Mooresville, NC. Additional research and development will take place in California.

We are uniquely positioned to lend our expertise to the major automotive manufacturers. It is at this time that we are able to benefit from our technology innovation. Being on the leading edge of Lithium technology has enabled us to enter the billion dollar supply chain of major manufacturers.

—Holly Roseberry, President of Hybrid Technologies

Hybrid Technologies claims that it is working on a series of lithium systems that will surpass the previous models produced in 2005, and has increased its research and design staff accordingly.

Hybrid Technologies recently began production of the electric version of the smart car, using lithium batteries supplied by EaglePicher Kokam in Korea. Actual manufacturing is done by Cinema Vehicles, which already worked with Hybrid Technologies on the R-Car (Crossfire), Mini Cooper and PT Cruiser models.



If anyone who has any say in VW is listening, make all 4 wheels of the automobile electric. No halfling like the Prius. Then be different and use a flat design diesel engine like a flat 4 (unless there is a valid reason diesels have not come in flat form factor)and mount it in the back of the car.
Just think Combi. There is nothing wrong with making a utility van type of vehicle. Everyone else seems to like small hybrids. If the Combi came back as an environmentally friendly practical beast people would love it.

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