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ZAP Gets EPA Approval for its 2006 Smart Cars

ZAP’s Americanized Smart Car (earlier post) has received a Certificate of Conformity from the US Environmental Protection Agency for the 2006 Certification Year. The certificate expires on December 31, 2006.

ZAP is still moving forward on its plans to bring Smart cars to the US, despite recently filing a suit against DaimlerChrysler for “anti-competitive” tactics.

The company is preparing to distribute the Smart cars along with other models, such as the Brazilian Obvio! (earlier post), through a dealer network it is forming in the US.

ZAP has a 10-year license with 8-1/2 years remaining on the technology developed by importer Smart-Automobile LLC (from which it purchases the cars) to adapt the DaimlerChrysler’s smart car to meet federal emissions and safety regulations.


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