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Chinese EV Company Exports 106 Happy Messenger Electric Cars to US Buyers

Happy Messenger

Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicles has exported 106 of its Happy Messenger (earlier post) electric vehicles to buyers in the US. According to the company, the US buyers are townships, military bases, ports and research institutions.

The Tianjin company sent over six Happy Messengers in April for performance tests and marketing. The electric vehicles, developed internally, are priced at around $10,000.

TianJin QingYuan Happy Messenger Specs
Length / Width / Height (mm) 3,395 / 1,475 / 1,695
Gross weight (kg) <1,400
Curb weight (kg) 1,050
Max speed 100 km/h (62.15 mi)
Acceleration 0-400m, <20s
Grade-climbing ability >20%
Range(km) Constant speed: 250 km (155 mi)
City driving: 150 km (93.2 mi)
Motor rated power/peak power (kW) 20 / 60
Motor Rated torque/maximum torque (Nm) 53 / 160
Battery type NiMH
Cycle life (80% DOD) 500


Andi Bishop

Hopefully some one will make EV's affordable and obtainable to anyone. Oil dinosaurs need to go extinct and tomorrow would be the time. Not in 50 years. Forget Hybrids its just a milkman attempt on getting everylast dime from oil and the middles east. The middle east would be stuck with selling sand, sun and dates. It would be nice to see "david slay goliath" from the perspective of battery beats oil.
Where can I buy a happy messenger?


My 1957 WV had an engine rated at 36 horsepower. WOuldn't set the world on fire, but WV made a gazillion of the 'bugs'. In 1958, they upped the horsepower to 40 HP.

The problem with battery powered cars is the limited number of charge/discharge cycles. In a hybrid, the batteries will last for a decade, since the charge usually goes between well defined limits of say 35% to 75%, and is carefully kept in that range for maximum battery life. With an all electric car, you cycle the battery from 100% down to 10-20%, and therefore get 1/5th the life or less from it.

drT in Dallas, TX
aka Bob

Jim Stack

The Myersmotors Nmg, no more gas is made from the long running Sparrow. It is proven and Myers improved on it. Parts and repairs should not be a problem.
They do have some competition in the Zap world Xebra mentioned in other commnents and the Twike grom Germany soon to be US approved. It has 70 mph and range at 50 of 70 miles. You can get their Nicad batteries or improved NiMH and next year Lithium.
Others coming this year are the AC Propulsions Scion convertions with 100,200 or 300 mile range on lithium-ion batteries. Some coming in a year or so are Mitsubishi with an EV1 and Fuji is also taking full EVs.
It will be very interesting to see.
Some plugin hybrid options are coming as aftermarket kits from EDrive and Hymotion later in 2006 for newer 2004 Prius and Ford Escapes.

james balzano

How do I get one of these Happy Messenger EV???

james balzano

How do I get one of these Happy Messenger EV???

james balzano

How do I get one of these Happy Messenger EV???

james balzano

How do I get one of these Happy Messenger EV???


Miles Automotive. http://www.milesautomotive.com/


Keep in mind. It is just a start for EV car and its range and functions already better than the early gas cars made in 1900. Chinese already developed the model using Lithum battery with over 360KM range and the size of VW Jetta. If those new models come to US, Big Three would be in big trouble. US government most likely would not allow those Chinese EV coming to US easily.


The Electric Car's Not Dead; Asian Companies Strive for Breakthrough
Date posted: 08-19-2005

TOKYO — Three Asian automakers are hoping to have electric cars on sale before the end of the decade.

And all are claiming the cars will have greater range and much faster recharge times than previous-generation EVs.

Japan's Mitsubishi Motors and Tokyo Electric Power Co. have announced plans to jointly develop a next-generation electric car and release it in Japan in 2008. The car is derived from the Miev, an electric concept car based on the Colt subcompact. The joint effort is expected to shorten development time, so Mitsubishi plans to launch the Miev in 2008. It will have a 155-mile range after a four-hour recharge, at a price below $18,000.

Japanese rival Subaru also plans to introduce an all-electric minicar by 2010. The electric car will use a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged to 90 percent of charge capacity within 5 minutes. The car will have a range of about 125 miles.

Also in the game is Chinese battery maker Byd, which bought local automaker Xi'an Qinchuan Auto in 2004 for $32 million. Byd is the world's second largest maker of rechargeable batteries for mobile phones, behind Japan's Sanyo. Byd claims it has developed an EV with a range of 250 miles per charge, to be launched in 2006. The company is building a 200,000-unit plant in western China, and is looking to export worldwide.


With the EV rebate and the $3+ gas. no maintenance, the $10,000 car pay for itself in couple years.
Event if you need to replace the battery in couple years.

In the past year, Battery technology is getting a lots of attention and is changing fast.
I believe a longer lasting battery replacement will be available by then.

Joe Herman

I went to the Myers Automotive website mentioned above and it had 1 car available today, the ZX40, an NEV at not much money (but it's an NEV, useless for a suburban commute).

There was a "comming at the end of 2007" XS200 which looked great, priced at under $30K and does up to 80mph with a 200 mile range (though not at 80, I assume :-) ). That sounds like a great suburban commuter car if it turns out to be more than vapor.

What I didn't see was something matching the specs of the Happy Messenger, unless it was the ZX70 which is "not street legal" and has a speed of 35mph, not the 60 mentioned in the above article.

So...looks like more waiting...


I live in the USA and find not one electric car that is affordable.I see nothing but electric cars taking to the roads all over the world but not in the USA? President Bush talked of electric cars but all I see is talk. I would buy one of these at $10,000 but will it be this price to the consumer after someone plays the supple and demand card and rip us off as they do with cars today? You go china.. I think going green is a great thing.

Terry Langhorne

My name is Terry Langhorne and I'm the purchasing and market director for Abraham Auotmotive Group in Norfolk, VA. We have just purchased a older car dealership and are preparing to remodel same. We are currently looking for a alternative fuel product for this dealership and maybe nationally. If interested please contact.

Donald Morrison

well what a beautiful car all electric all you need is to get from point a to point b and do it safely and as cheap as possible I am amazed that here in south australia our goverment SA Transport will not allow this car ( Reba) on our roads when they are allowed in most every other country on the planet? I would buy one to morrow if I was able to drive it on the road, I have an electric car built in the 1960`s by Lightburn in Adelaide called Zeta it was a poilot electric car I still have to day, please people lets stand up for electric cars then the USA will not have to kill there soldgiers for just bloody OIL wake up australia lets slow dwn a little and go electric tell me where I can buy one now also on the USA again look what they did to the electric car built by GM ? regards Don Morrison


The elections are in & democrats have made huge gains. Republicans must work with dems to do good things environmentally, electric cars being a forefront green technology. Now, we'll see if democrats have more in gear than just their mouths. Let's go save the planet.

Judy Simmons

How can I get one of these cars? Sounds great. Just what I've been looking for.
How would I get needed parts, if and when it broke down?
Who in the USA would know how to repair this car?
Please e-mail me back. Thank you. Sincerely, Judy Simmons

Judy Simmons

How do I get one of these amazing cars?

Michael R. Manning

We qould like to be a dealer for your happy electric
car from China. Please contact us if yjisc is a possability.

Roy Eise

We would love to be your happy electric car dealer of st. louis!!
We spend over 200.00 usd dollars a week just going to work, and are very interested in the electric cars and the conversions of others.

marion button

Sounds wonderful clean, quiet,lower maintenance, for $12500(Aus.) Do they make a right hand drive model?


Hi i would like to buy one of these EV I DONT KNOW WHERE TO BUY ONE EXCEPT TO GO TO cHINA AND BUY ONE but the question is who would repair it if need be.
rose miles

henry garcia

i want one now if i like it i'll buy as many as eight more please let me know how to order


This article was written over 2 years ago.


This is interesting. But at this point that is all it is.

I would respectfully like to make two points which are relevant to this thread:

1-Electricity has to be generated. And we won't power a hundred million cars with windmills and solar panels.

2-Petroleum is vital to the modern industrial society for a great deal more than just gasoline for vehicles. Electric cars will not eliminate the need for, nor the value of, petroleum in the foreseeable future.

***And something very few people seem to be aware of:
3-The United States produces a unit of goods/services using 50% of the energy that was used in 1975 to produce that same unit. That is an outstanding improvement in energy efficiency.

Yet the energy equation is less favorable than it was in 1975. Efficiency and conservation as we are achieving with improved technologies are only a part of the equation.

Personally I'd love one for local driving. But electric cars have a long way to go, they aren't where they need to be yet. And when they are, they will still not be a panacea.

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