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A new joint venture between Bunge, a global agribusiness company and, and Diester Industrie, a subsidiary of Sofiproteol, a French oilseed and protein crop firm, has decided to build a new biodiesel plant in Mannheim, Germany.

The newly-formed venture, Diester Industrie International (DII), will build the plant next to Bunge’s existing facility in Mannheim. Annual capacity will be 120,000 metric tons (36.2 million gallons US), with a plan to expand it up to 250,000 metric tons.

DII will make the decision to increase to 250,000 metric tons in the first half of 2006 based on an assessment of market conditions.

This project will enhance our status as a market leader in biofuels and will allow the French rapeseed producers in the North Eastern part of France to benefit from an optimized outlet.

—Philippe Tillious-Borde, CEO of Sofiproteol

DII is owned 60% by Diester Industrie (60%), 40% by KBBV, the European subsidiary of Bunge Limited.


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