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Higher-Powered 2.0-liter Diesel for the Renault Laguna in Q1 2006

Renault has announced that it will apply the recently-announced higher-powered version of the new 2.0-liter cDi family in the Laguna beginning in the first quarter of 2006.

The new 175-hp (127-kW) version of the 2.0-liter diesel will come with a self-regenerating particulate filter. (Earlier post.) The power boost makes the 2.0-liter the most powerful diesel in that displacement class.

The higher-power version uses the same engineering basics as its 150-hp cousin including:

  • Improved combustion chamber aerodynamics that produce a dual swirl effect for improved air-fuel mixing;

  • Bosch piezoelectric-controlled 1,600-bar fuel injection with a five-squirt cycle;

  • EGR for NOx reduction;

  • Variable geometry turbocharger.

The 175-hp engine delivers combined cycle fuel consumption of 6.0 liters/100km (39.2 mpg US) and CO2 emissions of 159 g/km.

Renault 2.0 cDi
150 hp175 hp
Power 110 kW (150 hp) @ 4,000 rpm 127 kW (175 hp) @ 3,750 rpm
Torque 340 Nm @ 2,000 rpm 360 Nm @ 1,750 rpm
Fuel consumption 5.8 l/100 km 6.0 l/100 km
Fuel economy 40.5 mpg US 39.2 mpg US
CO2 154 g/km 159 g/km


Adam H

That's over 260 ft lbs of torque just off idle! Not only that, but the engine is making 87 hp/L...pretty impressive times for the diesel. 40 mpg combined cylce. Wow. When can we get engines like this in the U.S.?


Not even the common gasoline engine(especially the american gasoline) can get close to this figure. Pretty impressive 175 hp for a 2.0 diesel. When can we get engines like this in the M'sia? :p


Never to Adam,,... and maybe in 2 yrs to Rexis.
Or you can import the euro one if the import rules allow the licensing of it in your countries. Australia is very anal about these things, so we cannot. :(


Uzzz,. 360Nm@1750. Thats some spicy meatball.
Wonder if the Torque is due more to the Bosch injector or the variable geometry turbo design?

Coooz the later can be made into an aftermarket slapon kit for other less then great existing diesel engines.

Wonder if VW will see this challenge and raise it a notch for their 06-07 Golfs.

PS - I realise my name was spelled wrong in the previous post


Ahh, i though some new friends hoping into GCC but seems like its good-o-Adrian.

M'sia is pretty anal about import cars, heavy tax against import car, tax break for local made lousy car. So, the slightly extra cost for a diesel engine plus the import duty, this translates into a BMW or Merc equivalent.


> [why the high torque?]

b/c compression on this engine is prolly 16.5:1 or greater. my '01 vw tdi 1.9L is 19.5:1 - only 90HP, but
155 ft-lbs torque. low horsepower (in my car), but tons of torque. i'll never go back to a silly spark ignition engine.

> [when are we gonna get it in the US]

diesel passenger cars are getting harder to sell every day b/c of stringent air regs, espesh in the CARB states. until the beurocrats at CARB and the like start considering CO2 more problematic than the odd NOx molecule, they'll continue to outlaw diesel. it's really small minded and shortsighted of them to do this.

> [will vw rise to the ocassion?]

vw has already said that they're coming out with a 170HP+ version of their 2.0L TDI engine. hope i can smuggle one into kalifornia...


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