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The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) announced nine recipients of the newly-created Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Grant Program within the Iowa Values Fund Program.

The program provides funding to gasoline retailers and biodiesel suppliers to help offset the infrastructure cost of bringing biodiesel and E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) to the public.

The program awards forgivable loans for up to 50% of total project cost in three categories:

  • Category I. Financial assistance for equipment purchases to upgrade fueling sites to dispense E85 fuel, not to exceed $7,500 per location.

  • Category II. Financial assistance for equipment purchases for new E85 fueling sites, not to exceed $20,000 per location.

  • Category III. Financial assistance for equipment purchases for biodiesel on-site or off-site storage facilities, not to exceed a maximum of $50,000 per location.

A total of $325,000 has been allocated annually for three years to expand the availability of E85 and biodiesel to Iowans.

IRFA Awards
Company Type Amount
West Central Cooperative Biodiesel Blending $25,000
Mulgrew Oil Company Biodiesel Blending $25,000
Ampride Truck Plaza New E85 pump $20,000
County Line Mart New E85 pump $20,000
Kum & Go New E85 Pump $20,000
Linn Coop Oil Company New E85 Pump $20,000
Petro Express New E85 pump $20,000
Price Oil Company Upgrade to E85 $7,500
New Alliance FS Upgrade to E85 $7,500


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