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Tongji University and Shell to Build Shanghai’s First Hydrogen Fueling Station

Tongji University, Shell Hydrogen BV and Shell (China) Limited have signed an agreement to build Shanghai’s first hydrogen filling station for fuel cell vehicles.

In 2006 Shanghai will be operating 10 fuel cell vehicles. This small fleet will grow to 1,000 by 2010 for the hosting of the World Expo including a number of fuel cell buses sponsored by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) through the United Nations Development Program.

The partners will build the new station at Shanghai International Automotive City, working together on the design, construction, maintenance and operations. The station, which will be completed by the end of 2006, is part of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s national programme to develop electric vehicles in China.

Tongji University is responsible for the development and operation of the new hydrogen station with Shell contributing technical advice and funding.

The new station follows the completion of a pre-feasibility study by Tongji University and Shell that recommended setting up a small network of hydrogen stations in Shanghai to support the introduction of fuel cell cars. During the Tongji-Shell Hydrogen Seminar in Oct. 2005, speakers suggested establishing four hydrogen stations connecting as a small-scale network to meet the needs of about 100 fuel cell automobiles.

This approach is in line with Shell’s strategy to create a number of Lighthouse Projects globally. The Shell Lighthouse approach envisions clusters of four or more hydrogen service stations operated semi-commercially with other energy companies, servicing fuel cell vehicles from different car companies in a public-private partnership. (Earlier post.)



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