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Toyota Teaser: Camry Hybrid to Debut 9 Jan 2006

Toyota has announced that it will stage the world premier of the much-anticipated Camry Hybrid and the all-new 2007 Camry on 9 January 2006 at a press conference at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The application of the Hybrid Synergy Drive in the Camry Hybrid will deliver the highest level of Camry performance ever achieved in both fuel efficiency and low emissions and also achieve impressive power, according to the statement.

The Camry hybrid will mark Toyota’s first production of a hybrid sedan that also has a non-hybrid counterpart.

The Toyota Camry has been the best-selling car in America for seven of the past eight years. The completely restyled and re-engineered Camry will feature, according to Toyota, significantly improved performance and new levels of comfort and refinement.


Adam H.

I read somewhere that the new Camry will be running with a 0.28 Cd. I believe it was at Autoblog on a post translated from a Japanes page. That's pretty impressive and should lend itself to highway mileage nicely.


I wish they would have devoted all the improvements to fuel efficiency. We don't need any more stinkin' power. Alternatively, provide two models, one with enhanced power and one without enhanced power. Was there really a "need" for more power?


I agree. I would not buy this car.


Yes, there was a huge *marketing* need for MORE power.
Hybrids still have an imagine in the public eye as being slower than normal cars. And anyone who wanted pure econmy could just get a Prius instead of the Camry. Both are 5-seater sedans. Why would Toyota want to compete with thier own marketshare? :)

Harvey D

A worthwhile alternative may be the 2006 Nissan Altima Hybrid. About the same size as the Camry but with a 4-cyl instead of a 6- cyl. May have better MPH.


The Camry already has plenty of power and is selling fantastically well. If there was a marketing need for more power, why wasn't this provided before? If the power would not decrease with a hybrid, what would be the problem? If Toyota made it clear that the power was the same with better gas mileage, it seems like this would be adequate to market the car.


YTD accord hybrid as percentage of all hybrid: 4.6%

YTD civic hybrid as percentage of all civic: 8.3%

Data is through November 2005.

The Accord "more power" strategy doesn't seem to be panning out when you consider the civic hybrid is the same or less power, depending upon the comparative model.

If your main concern is power, then it seems like it makes sense to buy a different car and not have to pay a lot more money for the hybrid option.

Ultimately, of course, I could be wrong since I haven't seen Toyota's market research.


Harvey D: Camry hybrid is 4-cyl, not 6.


2006 Altima: man/23/29 auto: 23/29

2006 Camry: man/24/33 auto: 23/33

Nissan will be using Toyota's technology to hybridize the Altima.


Hum, wasn't there something on greencarcongress perviously from Nissan saying they will not be embracing hybrids?

Any reason to think a 2006 hybrid Altima will happen?
I'm skeptical.


Ghosn (Nissan CEO) has said on multiple occasions that he's skeptical, but the company is still planing to launch its Altima hybrid.

Harvey D

Nick: I hope you are right and that the Camry Hybrid will be with their excellent 4-cyl. My wife is on third Camry 4-cyl and is very satisfied. I'm planing to buy the Hybrid version in 2006,if it comes with the 4-cyl.

Mikhail Capone

"Any reason to think a 2006 hybrid Altima will happen?
I'm skeptical."

Mikhail Capone

"2006 Camry: man/24/33 auto: 23/33"

The redesigned 2007 Camry, on which the hybrid Camry will be based, will probably get even higher mileage than that in it's non hybrid version. The CD is 0.28 for once, and I think the engine will be redesigned.


I could have sworn I read time and time again that toyota was going to make the camry hybrid was going to be a v6??? I wish they'd offer both, I4 and V6 hybrids in the camry to get even more people interested. As someone mentioned earlier, Toyota may not want to make a 4 cyl camry hybrid because it might compete to closely with the prius. Then again, some people are put off by the Prius's unconvential looks and interior (I dont like the interior at all, but like the exterior) and would prefer a hybrid in a more traditional car. Also Toyota has stated they want to hybridize all of their model range.

Mikhail Capone

They will start with a 4-cyl, but nothing keeps them from eventually adding a 6-cyl.


The 4-cyl will be relatively large, so it will deliver near-V6 power with sub 4-cyl fuel consumption, thanks to the HSD. I think this is a much better route to take than Honda's 6-cyl Accord Hybrid delivering v8 power with mediocre 4-cyl fuel economy. Once hybrid tech settles into the market Toyota should be able to offer various setups such as V6 and a smaller i4 option, but I think this is a good starting point, much better than the Accord.

Jesse Jenkins

Treehugger had this to say a while back (going off of that Autoblog translation of the Japanese magazine Adam H mentioned):

"We learn that the new version will have a drag coefficient of 0.28 (the Prius, at 0.26, is one of the most "slippery" cars on the road) which should help it achieve good highway fuel economy, that the length of the new car is the same as the current version and that a 2.4 liters 4-cylinder engine of 167 hp will be available in the non-hybrid model. No word on a V6 yet."

So, yes .28 drag coefficient which should see better fuel efficiency at highway speeds, yes on 4 cylinder in both hybrid and non-hybrid (6 cylinder perhaps in the future).

Check out the Treehugger article for pictures of the redesigned 2007 Camry.

Jesse Jenkins

And I agree with Schwa, this is much better than Honda's approach with the Accord.


The treehugger article has some glaring omissions. Here is the 07 Camry press release in its entirety. This should clear up the confusion.

America's best-selling car is redesigned for 2007, getting new styling, more power and features, and, for the first time, a gas/electric hybrid model. Camry retains the same overall length as the 2002-2006 version, but adds 2.2 inches to wheelbase and cuts height by nearly an inch. Base-model curb weight is up some 175 lb. New features include standard instead of optional curtain side airbags. The line consists of a price-leader CE trim level, volume LE, sporty SE, and luxury XLE. All come with a 158-hp 2.4-liter 4-cyl engine and a 5-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed automtic. LE, SE, and XLE also offer V6 versions with a 268-hp 3.5-liter and a 6-speed automatic transmission. Camry's previous most-powerful V6 had 210 hp and used a 5-speed automatic.

Both '07 automatics include a manual shift gate. The Hybrid teams a special 2.4-liter 4-cyl gas engine with a battery-powered electric motor for 192 net hp. It teams with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) providing near-infinite drive ratios. Like Toyota's smaller Prius hybrid, Camry's automatically drives on either or both power sources, depending on conditions, and requires no plug-in charging. Antilock 4-wheel disc brakes are standard for all models. So are front torso side airbags, head-protecting curtain side airbags, and, for the first time, a driver's knee airbag.

The Hybrid adds antiskid/traction control that's available for other models. SEs come with 17-inch wheels, the other models with 16s. SEs also have a firmer suspension, and specific trim inside and out. The Hybrid also has unique interior and exterior trim. A split folding rear seat is standard except on SE and Hybrid, which have a fixed seat with center pass-through. Leather upholstery is included on the V6 XLE, available for the 4-cyl XLE and the SE. A navigation system with CD changer and wireless cell-phone link is optional for SE and XLE, as are heated seats. A new-to-Camry keyless-entry/starting system is included on Hybrid and available for V6 XLE.


Just to put things in prespective. The 1998 VW Passat has a CD of .26. The Passat wagon had a CD of .28. Obviously this doesn't take into account total frontal area of the car. The new Camry is larger than the old passat and therefore produces even more drag than the .28 CD would have you believe. Still I expect the new 07 regular camry will have lower fuel consumption than the current 02-06 model. What I personaly want to see is a new Camry or Accord hybrid wagon. Is that too much to ask? I don't want an SUV or some pseudo Camry based SUV. Just a simple large wagon.
Why is everybody ready to knock the Camry for having too much HP? Are you people mad? I'm not going to spend upward of $20k to buy a slow car. 192hp is good and more would be even better.


The 500,000 Prius cars sold so far, most of them the current models speaks clearly about what the market wants, namely;

adequate acceleration + outstanding reliability + good fuel economy + unique/cutting edge technology + practical design (5DR hatch) = lots of sales.

Basically, the Prius is the iPod of the automotive world, the must have auto gadget.

Unless the Camry gets fuel economy close to the Prius, why would most people buy it? After all, the primary promise of the "Hybrid" brand is fuel economy and the environmental and cost benefits that brings.

The Camry hybrid could be THE taxicab of choice for the world. Lets hope that Toyota can this car right. In the city is where this technology really shines.

Mike GR

"The treehugger article has some glaring omissions. Here is the 07 Camry press release in its entirety. This should clear up the confusion."

Thanks for posting that, very interesting.

Have you considered that maybe the Treehugger article (that I wrote, btw) was written at a time when that press release was not available? :D

Mike GR

Btw, do you have any official sources for that press release? I can only seem to find it quoted on a forum, and it was removed from the place they link to (only available on google cache).

Mike GR

Reading the thing and not just skimming it reveals that this is not a Toyota press release but something written by some auto-mag (there are typos, weird sentence structure, etc). Possibly stuff that Toyota said at some auto show but didn't want revealed just yet, which is why they got them to take it down from their site.

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