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The new bB

Toyota has put its completely redesigned bB on sale in Japan. The car, cousin of the Scion xB and shown as a concept at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show, is, according to Toyota, a “Car-shaped Music Player.”

This boom box on wheels, which incorporates an advanced audio system, interior lighting that flashes in rhythm to the music, and newly-developed super-reclining front seats (to “create a sense of privacy”), uses either a 1.5-liter or a 1.3-liter VVT-i engine and delivers between 36 to 39 mpg US in a combined Japanese cycle, depending upon the configuration.

The 1.5-liter and 1.3-liter VVT-i engines are also applied in the new Vitz/Yaris (earlier post), although the bB does not offer the continuously variable transmissions, instead using a four-speed automatic.

Toyota bB
Displacement 1,279 cc 1,495 cc
Power 68 kW (92 hp) 80 kW (107 hp)
Torque 123 Nm 141 Nm
Fuel consumption 6.1 l/100km 6.58 l/100km 6.25 l/100km
Fuel economy 38.6 mpg US 35.8 mpg US 37.6 mpg US
CO2 141.6 g/km 152.7 g/km 145.1 g/km

The 2006 Scion xB, fitted with a 1.5-liter engine, is rated by the EPA at 31 mpg US combined (with approximately 207 g/km CO2 equivalent emissions.)

All new bB vehicles achieve emission levels 75% lower than the 2005 standards under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s Approval System for Low-emission Vehicles, with 0.013 g/km of NOx and NMHC, and 1.15 g/km of CO. Front-wheel-drive vehicles also meet the Japanese 2010 fuel efficiency standards, qualifying for incentives under the Japanese government's Green Taxation System.



At last a car designed in a laboratory to vibrate to the sound of a base-box... No more cheap and tacky speaker add ons...

The i-pod generation never had it so good...

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