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B-Series engine

Cummins Inc. and KAMAZ Inc., the largest vehicle manufacturer in Russia, signed a joint venture agreement to produce Cummins B Series engines (120–275 horsepower) in Russia under the name ZAO Cummins Kama.

The engines will be produced in two stages to comply with Euro 2 and Euro 3 standards for diesel emissions. The EU is currently adhering to Euro 4 standards, and planning for Euro 5. Assembly of the engines begins in early 2006.

Russia, which has lagged far behind European emissions standards, last year approved (Russian Federal Government Decree 609 of OCtober 12 2005) an accelerated implementation plan that would bring the country closer into alignment with international standards over nine years.

The plan calls for the mandatory implementation of Euro-2 standards beginning in April of this year; Euro-3 in 2008; Euro-4 in 2010; and Euro-5 in 2014.

(Russia’s refinery infrastructure will need upgrading as well to be able to deliver the higher-quality fuels, such as low sulfur diesel, that will be required for the more stringent emissions standards of Euro 4 and 5.)

The 50-50 joint venture will build on a Cummins and KAMAZ relationship that dates from the early 1980s. Among customers of the new company are KAMAZ trucks and buses, as well as trucks, buses and agricultural equipment produced by other manufacturers in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine.

We are very excited about this new joint venture with our friends at KAMAZ. Cummins will benefit from its association with this highly respected original equipment manufacturer and its extensive dealer network in the Russian market. KAMAZ will gain from the use of Cummins dependable clean diesel engines and will have access to our new business and manufacturing technologies.

—Tim Solso, Cummins Chairman and CEO

Cummins recently was selected by the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to demonstrate advanced diesel engine emissions control systems meeting the stringent EPA 2010 on-highway standard. (Earlier post).



Those Kamaz trucks always do great in the long Dakar race. I wonder if they use Cummins engines on Dakar?


The engine looks so militarised and mean. Like some basterdised retrofit ion drive out of some sci-fi movie. I love it. :)
Hopefully what comes out of the factory sticks to the mantra of simple and reliable, as all things Russian. Would be nice if the Cummins group could tackle the heavy vehicle market and succeed.


That's nine years of death and debilitation caused by pollution - by design. This is a travesty. There should be immediate World Bank loans made available to switch the world's diesel production to low sulfur in the near term. And effective particulate filters should be mandated worldwide to achieve Euro 5 (or better) to go with the the new fuel. The 2nd and 3rd worlds do not deserve to be left in cities fouled by diesel particulates. And someone please tell me that leaded gasoline is now out of production worldwide - please!!


Adrian, where did you get that idea about russian things being simple and reliable?
as far as i know, russian cars - at least passenger cars - are some of the most unreliable cars on the road in russia. the only reason people buy them is because they are cheap.

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2lensovet Are you Russian? I hope not...
2Adrian Simplicity and reliable,
For our lack of good roads our cars are more reliable then foreign one.

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Sorry. previous post was mistake. It is to be regretted that there is not remove post function.
2TDI_bio_dvr In Dakar race trucks KamAZ applying Russian tuned engines from YAMZ only.
2Adrian Yep, simplicity and reliability in all things :)
2lensovet Are you Russian? I think you not, because your information is not completely correct.
Yes, russian cars are cheap and simple, yes, its are not so comfortable like a BMW and others, BUT repair of russian cars are also significantly cheaper and easier, then foreign cars.
And on lack of roads russian cars are most reliable of course :)
Other cars are very good undoubtedly, but price is determinant more often.
By the way, the Chinese cars as compared with Russians are more cheaper, but not reliable and unsafe. Though it's a question of time may be...

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