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Fit for the US: Honda’s New Subcompact

2007 US Fit

Honda introduced its new Fit subcompact hatchback to the US at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The US version of the Fit, already one of Honda’s hottest selling models in Asia and Europe (where it is sold as the Jazz), is fitted with a 1.5-liter VTEC engine coupled with a 5-speed transmission.

The 16-valve, 4-cylinder engine generates 109 hp (81 kW) and 142 Nm of torque. Electronic Drive-by-Wire throttle control provides quick throttle response, smooth automatic transmission shifts (on automatic transmission models) and precise fuel delivery to the engine. Friction reducing technologies include roller-bearing tipped rocker arms, a low friction timing chain tensioner, molydebenum-coated piston skirts and an offset crankshaft/connecting rod design.

Fit uses an electric power steering (EPS) system that also contributes to higher fuel economy since engine power is not needed to operate a hydraulic system.

The 5-door hatchback delivers estimated fuel economy of 33 mpg US city, 38 mpg US highway (33.8 mpg US combined). Emissions levels are rated as Low Emissions Vehicle 2 (LEV-2) by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Tier 2 / Bin 5 by the EPA.

The Japanese market Fit offers a 1.3-liter engine option in addition to the 1.5-liter. The European Jazz offers a 1.2-liter and a 1.4-liter engine as its powertrain options.



Hmmmm. Mileage seems on the low side, considering that Civic 5-spd gets 30/40. Perhaps Honda will make this the perfect city car with mild hybridization, since they have already included electric power steering. Add auto engine stop, regen braking only and the city mileage could be much more impressive, at limited incremental cost.

Orville Lynner

The 1997 civic HX with a 1.6 liter Vtec delivered 45 mpgUS,
The 1.5 liter should be better at around 50 mpgUS? Unless it
is too heavy? The HX has 137,000 miles, so it'll have to be
replaced in a couple of years. I'll be watching close.


I suspect in a couple of more years there will be some pretty reasonable choices out there.

Right now I'll stick with my 2004 HCH until all the trash about hybrids costing so much more to build/sell ends.

I really hate getting ripped off by all these car salespersons. They are almost getting to be as bad as members of congress.


Just don't see where the FIT fits. Seems like the current range of civics has the market covered. Unless it's really, really cheap, then maybe there's some low end consumer out there who would bite.


how unsurprising: honda puts out a car just like toyota's yaris, which makes no sense to most people. fit is smaller than the civic but gets worse fuel economy; same goes for yaris and corolla.
to be honest i'm not sure what the point is.

Hampden Wireless

I am confused too, why not just buy a civic if the mpg is not better. The highway mpg is bad for a vehicle this size. Chevy has a V8 Malibu that gets 28mpg on the highway. Of course I would rather have a 2006 Civic regular or hybrid. The regular is not much more money then the fit will be.


33.8 mpg combined? Is this a Honda or a GM? Case in point: Chevrolet Aveo... has the same if not lower mpg than a midsize Malibu. This makes no sense. More proof (in my mind) that big oil and car makers don't want to improve fuel economy.


Ehhh, hello? Anybody home? (33 + 38)/2=35.5mpg.
This car is a hatchback with a much more versatile interior than a civic. Its designed for city use and it excels in that regard with 10% better fuel economy in the city than the civic. Everybody has been screaming that we need cars specifically designed for city use. Honda has been the first company to have the balls to introduce such a vehicle. The interior is much larger than the Civic or the Yaris. I agree that honda should have also introduced the 1.5 litre 8 valve dual spark IDSI engine with 88hp. That engine returns 34/45! mpg. But I think honda was afraid it would be too much competition for the civic hybrid. Oh well. This is a fine car and I'll consider it over the regular civic. The magic seat alone might make it worth it.


I would like to see honda civic do this.


well said CS! As keeping things basic for us, Honda didn't want a Fit to cost more than a Civic so that can explain the crappy transmission and engine. I really wanted the CVT with the 1.3 that gets almost 50 mpg! And the interior room is a bonus too! Now the cheapest model in Honda's lineup is able to carry a 50 inch Tv home thanks to its magic seats.


I don't get it. I've driven: an '89 CRX, a '91 Civic Si, and now a '94 Civic Si, and they've all gotten in the low 30s mpg, no matter how much I stomp on the gas pedal. Now we're in 2006, and the best they can do on what's essentially a civic hatchback with a lower hp engine is a couple of mpg better? Wow, how far we haven't come in 10 years on gas-engine efficiencies. Yes, the hybrids are doing nice things, but it seems surprising that the fuel efficiency on gas engines does not seem much better.


DanC, much much tighter emissions might have something to do with that. How much though I don't know.

Greg Hardin

So dissapointed with the Fitt/jazz mpg!


bad 04 (honda civic hybrid)HCH mileage.
The mileage on my 04 HCH has gone to crap.Evrthing is well..My AP in tires, Oil is new, filters are new..It all started after the recall and software update. Has anyone else had this problem?

Cock & Balls

Hello are you guys stupid? The fit is for all those cheap ass people out there that buy those junky Kia's because they are so cheap. That is the only reason the fit is being introduced. Only someone that is royaly cheap will buy the fit over the Civic.


The Fit is the best of the new subcompacts coming out and probably one of Honda's smartest moves. I have been in the market for over a year to replace my 89 Nissan Sentra (2 door coupe) which still gets 34 mpg. I haven't replaced it because there isn't a (non-hybrid, i.e. affordable) car in the US that gets the mpg of my car & is sporty & can fit my bike or take stuff home from IKEA without having to put it on a roof rack. The only reason I went into a Honda dealer was to see if there happened to be an Insight I could test drive, but I was a day too late. The only one they received this year had just arrived & left the previous day. However, the saleswoman let me know that it doesn't qualify for CA's carpool lane, so I didn't feel bad & decided against one on that reason. Last year when I checked out Hondas, all they had were Sedans. No hatchbacks & no coupes. Moreover all Hondas had a large bar over the well of the trunk so that even though you can drop the seats, you can't fit anything into it. Why drive around in a car with all that space that you can't use? I was about to head over to the Toyota dealer next door, when she asked me if I had seen the Fit. After showing it to me, it has become a top contender. After trying the Matrix, Yaris & xA, I've decided the Fit is the most utilitarian of the bunch, though not as good looking as the Matrix or xA. I was also impressed with its performance/comfort, coming close to the Mazda 3 & Cooper, though none of these vehicles coming close to Audi's A3 (not a cheap car), which I would have bought in a second if only it were made by Toyota or Honda. The Yaris came a close 2nd, as it was very responsive (in automatic) & quiet for a car its size & got the best gas mileage & priced the best, but it won't fit my bike & it looks like a cheap kid's car. So, until I try the Nissan Versa, the Fit seems to be the top contender, if for anything because I will be able to Fit my bike in, vertically & without dissambling it. ...and after reading up online, it looks like there will be a hybrid Fit in 2008 that will likely beat the Prius in price. So now I'm just hoping my Sentra will hold out that long....and I haven't even considered a Kia. So who's the stupid one?


My 1985 CRX Hi fuel got 60-63 on hiway . At todays price it would cost about $10,000-11,000 Where are these models now ? / Why did the Echo go away.
That tells me the hybreds ,with battery replacement,
can not compet.


There seems to be a very important factor people are forgetting when it comes to fuel economy and their old cars with marvelous gas mileage; weight. Take out your airbags and other safety equipment they've installed in vehicles. And someone mentioned on here all the extra emissions equipment. With that said, I don't think any of that can or will happen. Hey, my Grandfather always claimed his 1965 Ford Falcon got 35 mpg.

I had a '94 Civic VX which got great mileage aside from the horrendous road noise (Honda reduced the sound dampening) and pretty scary stock tires.

Yes, I too wish the Fit had much higher gas mileage and I'm actually surprised the MSRP is so close to a Civic's MSRP. Why don't they bring the hatchback Civic to the US? Hatches are where it's at people!


For those wondering why anyone would consider buying a Fit when a Civic would do - a Civic doesn't always do. I have two dogs and crates to haul from place to place. They just doesn't fit in a Civic, but a Fit would be a good fit. We haven't bought one yet, but are looking seriously at downsizing our vehicles. Of the subcompacts, the Fit fits our lifestyle best. We are not entry level buyers, but 50 somethings (when did that happen?).


what does the fit, aka jazz in europe, do in mileage in europe?


Civic gets 30/40 according to EPA estimates and Fit gets 33/38 so if you do mostly city driving then Fit 33 is better than Civic 30 and you'll be able to fit your bike inside to ride at lunch too.


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We just bought the 2007 Honda Fit. Bought it because of the hatchback (have a big dog). But are we very dissapointed with the mileage. I've tracked it for 4 months and the maximum I got was 30 mpg. Ranged from 23 - 28 mpg most of the time. Pretty depressing, especially since I just switched from Echo (where I got 43 mpg). We thought this was a good 'fit' for space and mpg but turns out, that we might have as well bought an SUV...

Account Deleted

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