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Ford Introduces Tri-Flex Fuel Truck Concept

The F-250 Super Chief tri-flex fuel concept burns gasoline, E85 or hydrogen.

Ford used the North American Internal Auto Show in Detroit as the venue to introduce a tri-flex fuel truck concept that runs on gasoline, E85 ethanol blend or hydrogen.

The F-250 Super Chief, which took its design cues from the Super Chief locomotive, uses the same Ford 6.8-liter V-10 Triton engine deployed in the company’s E450 H2ICE trucks. (Earlier post.)

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A supercharger provides an 18 psi boost for hydrogen fuel only. When running on hydrogen, the supercharged V-10 provides up to 12% fuel economy improvement on an energy equivalent basis versus a non-supercharged gasoline V-10. In addition, when operating on hydrogen, the Tri-Flex V-10 generates 99% less CO2 emissions than when running on gasoline.

The engine features a dual injection system: one handling gasoline and E85, the other, developed with Quantum, the hydrogen. The F-250 Super Chief stores 11.2 kg of hydrogen in a 700-bar tank system.

Ford F-250 Super Chief Tri-Flex Fuel Concept
  Gasoline E85 Hydrogen
Power 310 hp (231 kW) 310 hp (231 kW) 280 hp (209 kW)
Torque 576 Nm 576 Nm 542 Nm
Supercharge boost 18 psi
Fuel economy 12 mpg US 8.6 mpg US 13.6 miles/kg
Range 336 miles 241 miles 150 miles
Emissions rating ULEV ULEV SULEV



My 06 f250 delivers 22-24 mpg and its a 4 wheel drive
crew cab. Thats highway of course. 16 to 17 city
mpg. It uses fords 6.0 diesel engine. Now what about
those smaller vehicles that don't weigh 7000 lbs. I
wonder how many miles per gallon those would achieve.
I had heard that ford of europe has an economy car on
the road that has 50 mpg. I don't no if that is true.
Why do we in the US not have access to this if it is


can a ford excursion V10 be make to run on bio desiel and fuel?


People back in 06 were retarded talking about this truck. The f250 trucks get roughly 9-10 mpg running off of gas, we have them and they do so don't argue. 310 hp for a truck is fine because trucks are tuned for torque which it doesn't list but i guarantee its more than 310.
The engine is amazing even though it isnt completely perfected it will be and probably will end up being even nicer.

all of you that are getting worked up over the price of this car need to chill. i read about this car in a magazine and ford is going to price it around 25,000. that isnt that much for a truck.


I wonder what the cost would be for a hydrogen fill up? Will they charge per pound as they do with Propane? I don't wish to pay $80 to fill up the F250 just to drive 150 miles as I would with Gasoline or E85. Does anyone have and idea on costs here?

Smack Talk

Hate to burst your bubbles here people but hydrogen Im sure wont be free. LOl this is America, nothing is free. They will find some way to charge us or TAX us on it. The truck is nice but that price tag is going to have people walking the other way.


Some of you yanks don't get it, it is a concept that introduces new ideas. The Tri-fuel system is a way of sparking imaginations and moving away from higly pollutive petroleum. Besides, Fords Kick Ass

Someone mentioned 50mpg cars in Europe, but not here. They were here but dont pass the new emissons standards for Diesel. The VW TDI Beetle and TDI Jetta were 45-50mpg or so. Back in the 80's, you could get a turbo diesel Mercedes that got over 40mpg. I dont understand why the auto manufactures are not building a sbustantial amount of these. Hybrids and such will be great in the future, when they can get the same or better mpg as these diesels. But for now, we need more of these turbo diesel cars in the US.


Absurd: contrary nobody in this country knows where we are headed. Personally I dont ever want to drive a battery with headlights or a smart car toy . Where does that leave me or us. I want some performance. I agree we need to force more mileage . The thing is I like the effort of this vehical but my dads cummins diesel gets over 20 mpg so this ford is not the answer. I believe without a doubt this country will be in turbo diesels in the future. Power and perfomance with economy. THe audi twin turbo diesel gets all that . SO does the jetta like 45 mpg I believe.

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