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Fuel-Cell Maker Anuvu Hits the Skids

The Sacramento Business Journal reports that PEM fuel-cell maker Anuvu has hit the skids. The company has cut its staff to three, stopped product development and is negotiating for debt relief with its major creditor.

Anuvu, founded in 1994, was the developer of the Power-X fuel cell, and in 2004 had entered into a relationship with ZAP to create fuel cell-powered vehicles with an expected introduction date of 2005. (Earlier post.)

Anuvu expected to receive $11 million for orders of 100 fuel cells in 2005 and 1,000 in 2006, but so far Zap has only ordered one prototype system, [co-founder Lyn] Cowgill said.

Zap planned to incorporate the fuel cells into DaimlerChrysler AG’s fuel-efficient Smart Cars, but the German automaker has not started selling Smart Cars in the United States.

Anuvu is repositioning itself to sell engineering services to other companies.


An Engineer

So much for the so-called Fuel of the Future. And GM still think they will be selling Fuel-Cell Vehicles in five years. With that kind of strategic thinking GM is going the way of the dodo...

Iracema Nanini

Dear Sir,
I just saw the report about ANUVU, and would like to ask for the email address of mr.Cowgil. We have been trying to contat them for more tha one year and the emails returned, the phones numbers is no attending anymore.
I work for Funcamp (The Foundation of Unicamp) which attends Unicamp-The State University of Campinas. We have imported from ANUVU two systems (in 2003 and 2005)-FUEL CELL with the total amount of uS$ 62.210,00.
Both equipments did not work well and are stoppefor a long time since we had no reply, nor any kind of assistance from ANUVU.
UNICAMP is a public University and works with scientific researches. The amount envolved to buy those equipments are high and Unicamp had no progress with the researches. PLS HELP US informing ways of contacting
Mr.Lyn Cowgill.
Many Thanks for helpin us.
Iracema Nanini
Import Supervisor / Funcamp

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