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GEM introduces Six-Passenger Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

The new e6.

DaimlerChrysler’s GEM subsidiary is showcasing its new six-passenger GEM neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) at the Los Angeles and Detroit auto shows.

The e6 six-passenger GEM uses—like the other members of the line—a 72-volt, 5-hp/3.7-kW (12-hp/9-kW peak) DC motor powered by six 12-volt gel batteries. Range is up to 30 miles, with speeds up of to 25 mph. A regenerative braking system contributes to the recharging of the batteries.

DaimlerChrysler will start a cross-country promotional tour with the new line up beginning 24 January in San Diego. California is the nation’s largest market for neighborhood electric vehicles, including GEM. The 15-city tour wraps up in late March in North Carolina.

All projections are for continued growth in the marketplace for neighborhood electric vehicles.

—Larry Oswald, GEM CEO

GEM vehicles are produced by Global Electric Motorcars, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler based in Fargo, N.D. More than 30,000 GEM vehicles are in use across the Untied States and internationally.



I can't imagine the market for this. Maybe they plan to put one in every box of Cracker-Jack.


25 mph tops w/a 30-mile range? uhhhhhhh who are they kidding?


Somebody will have to come up with something that will at least out-do Lance Armstrong. I think he could take this thing....


This would be the perfect thing to buy for the kids to drive to school.  The low speed keeps them out of trouble, and the short range keeps them from roving too far afield.  Perhaps courier services in big cities could use these too, if there was a fast-charge option.

Reed Braman

Yeah the kids could probably take it to school and then get their ass kicked when they get out.

You've got a good point. It's something for grandma to tool around the neighborhood without worrying about owning a car, car insurance, etc. Perhaps they can use the bike lane.

Donal Fagan

Ouch! This sort of experience isn't going encourage people to embrace EVs.

Richard Farci

There is nothing wrong with Electric Vehicles, but this car is unsafe on fast roads. In order to get to a 35mph road, I have to drive on a 45 mph road first. That means I couldn't get anywhere with the little toy car with no doors! Why can't we just be offered electric versions of cars already in production. C'mon car mfrs, get your priorities in order.


Some of the comments made here, tell me,that not all Idiots are in Iraq,murdering the local Population.


wuu,. nasty words from 'Me'.
And now some more nasty words from me.
Its too big for a bike path, so where's it gonno go other then on the road made for CARS!!
How can such a mostrosity exist without side impact beams? Yeah, take your kids to school in it. The ground clearance of the floor and lack of side protection means that a piped out Escalade could effectively go through its centre like a speed bump in a side impact. Wuuups, there go the kids.
Even if these things were made narrow enough to go on the bike track, it would still be too wide, ie - can grandma walking to the shops do a strafe jump and navy roll to avoid the 25mph thing packed with raging kids coming the other way.
Wuuups, there goes grandma.

Reed Braman

That's why grandma should be in her own personal EV death machine. I'm doubting this thing was designed for backroads and highways. This looks like a little thing that was meant to drive around small town suburbia USA. No kid is going to *want* to drive this to school but if you tell him it's walk 2 miles or drive your death machine, chances are the lazy kid is going to pimp it out as best as possible. Slap a Linkin Park bumper sticker on the back or something.

I agree with the safety aspect but I think it's meant to be the lazy man's bicycle more than the cheapskates Taurus.

And to respond to "Me", you didn't really bring anything to the discussion but thanks for the post. Flame on brotha'!

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