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Mexico’s National Institute of Ecology (INE) and Honda have signed an agreement for the joint environmental evaluation of 500 Civic Hybrid sedans in Mexico City, notable for its high altitude, heavy pollution and high fuel consumption.

According to Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources, José Luis Luege Tamargo, who officiated at the signing, Mexico City consumes 26,000 tonnes of gasoline and diesel daily—about 208,000 barrels, or 8.7 million gallons of fuel.

Tamargo stated that his agency (SEMARNAT) plans to drive the use of hybrids at the national level in all federal agencies. SEMARNAT will be the first agency acquiring the hybrids.

President of the INE, Adrián Fernandez Bremauntz, noted that in addition to reducing criteria pollutants, the use of hybrids would reduce fuel consumption thereby reducing the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

The hybrid test will last three months and will measure fuel efficiency and emissions in city and highway driving, under different climatologic conditions. The cars will then become part of the government’s fleet.



Doesn't Mexico have the climate to grow sugar cane and so produce ethanol like Brazil? For that matter, why doesn't Cuba? (maybe they are). And when are Honda/Toyota coming out with an E85 hybrid? Maybe Detroit will beat them to it?


Am I behind? I just noticed today that the EPA is building a database of real-world mileages:

EPA Database

I've been getting a bit annoyed with "hybrid hype" articles. I think this site shows that when you compare apples-to-apples the hybrids do really well.

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