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TIAX Awarded Contract to Reduce Diesel Truck Emissions in Port of Oakland

The Port of Oakland, California, has awarded TIAX, a collaborative product and technology development firm, a contract to support the development and implementation of a program to replace heavy-duty diesel trucks that service the port with newer, lower-emission vehicles.

The Port of Oakland awarded the contract based in part on TIAX’ successful implementation of a similar type of program in the Los Angeles area for the Gateway Cities Council of Governments. (Earlier post.)

Under the first phase of the program, the Port is providing up to $1.5 million in total funding to replace approximately 60 trucks. Commercial truck owners who qualify can trade in their older diesel trucks (pre-1987) and receive a grant of up to $25,000 toward the purchase of a newer model truck (1999 or newer) that has a more fuel-efficient, cleaner burning engine.

It is estimated that nearly 100 tons of NOx emissions and more than 10 tons of diesel particulate (PM) emissions will be reduced during the assumed life of the project.

To qualify for the program, a truck owner must be able to demonstrate that his or her vehicle has been operated in the Port of Oakland continuously for the past two years and has been used to haul containers for at least 400 trips over the past 12 months. Drivers who live in the port’s local communities may qualify for the grants more easily.

The Port of Oakland has contracted with TIAX to help develop and implement the truck replacement program. This support includes recommending and evaluating program guidelines, establishing criteria for applicants, determining award amounts, and educating participating dealerships. TIAX also will develop a monitoring system to evaluate the long-term success of the initiative.



If the Port of Oakland is so worried about emissions, why dont they require all the trucks to use B20 Biodiesel and reduce emmissions and oil imports at the same time?

henk daalder

Forcing ships that visit the port, to stop their engines completely, and use electric power from shore sources, would help too.
The port of Rotterdam is working on that, to reduce airpollution (PM) for its inhabitants


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Richard Greig


How much emmissions are emitted during the start-up and shutdown of a diesel engine compared to regular idling?

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