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Toyota to Unveil Flagship Lexus LS Hybrid Sedan in April

Toyota’s luxury flagship LS 460

Toyota will unveil a new high-powered LS hybrid luxury sedan at the New York Auto Show in April, according to Jim Press, President and COO of Toyota Motor Sales USA.

The hybrid will be based on the fourth-generation LS 460 V8, just introduced at the Detroit Show. Toyota had provided a glimpse of a prototype for its flagship luxury hybrid at the Tokyo show last year, but provided no details.

Since the LS is such a significant car, with global implications, we’s giving it an extended international launch. Today, you are seeing the production vehicle for the first time. In two months, at the Geneva Show, we will provide more details on the incredible technology embedded in the new LS. Finally, in April at the New York Auto Show we will unveil—for the first time ever—an incredible hybrid V8, ultra luxury, LS sedan. It’s the ultimate Lexus.

—Jim Press

The non-hybrid LS 460 uses a 4.6-liter V8 with Toyota’s that produces about 380 hp (284 kW) and 502 Nm of torque. The LS 460 uses Toyota’s dual fuel-induction system (also applied in the 3.6-liter V6 version of the Lexus IS 350) that combines both port and direct fuel injection. The result is an increase in horsepower of about 40% compared to the current LS 430.

Coupled with a new eight-speed automatic transmission (“one gear for every cylinder”), the LS 460 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5.5 seconds, and offers an estimated combined fuel economy in the mid 20s (an improvement over the current 21 mpg US combined for the LS 430), along with a ULEV-II emissions rating.



Its funny that after the market yawned at the Honda V-6 Hybrid Accord, which seemed to really reinforce the fact that the market (in large part) will pay for Hybrids for good gas mileage (not as a psuedo turbo-charger) - that Toyota would go and do this. A V-8 Hybrid? What a waste of technology. I truly hope it falls on its face in the market and puts another nail in the coffin of performance Hybridization...

These guys don't seem to get it that people might want luxury and good mileage too - these aren't mutually exclusive concepts.


Another horrible idea. Yes, the Honda Accord is virtually history. Providing even more HP for the Lexus is a really dumb idea.


Yeah, but the Accord hybrid was 15 more hp, 1 sec faster 0-60 with 4 cylinder fuel mileage. This LS hybrid is meant to compete with the S600 V12 sedan and 750iL (760iL now I believe). Think about it, would you get a 500hp S600 or 760iL that does 15mpg or a LS600h with 500hp that gets 25mpg? Just because they're wealthy doesn't mean they like to throw money away.

Jesse Jenkins

"with a new eight-speed automatic transmission"

Why don't they just include a CVT?


It makes much more sense to release a power hybrid under the upscale brand, Honda definitely made a mistake with the V6 Accord hybrid, it should have been an Acura and the Accord hybrid should have been a 4 cylinder super sipper Camry killer.


Guess I'm just a nut. I have one of those (doomed?) Honda Accord hybrids and I love it.


I'm with Schwa on that one. I think thats one of the big reasons why Toyota made the Camry hybrid a four cylinder. they'll save the V6 hybrid for the Lexus ES.


READ people. 25 mpg and eight-speed automatic transmission is for NON-hybrid LS 460. More info will become available about the hybrid version in 2 months at Geneva show.

Hampden Wireless

25mpg combined average for a V8? Thats GREAT and its not even a hybrid. Maybe the hybrid will do close to 30mpg. You may not like this car, and I cannot afford this car but its a GREAT car. Its certainly going to be cleaner then almost any other v8 luxery car it replaces. I applaud Lexus.


"Why don't they just include a CVT?"
CVT can't take the torque of a V8 reliably. Besides Lexus wanted to 1 up BMW (6 speed auto) and Mercedes (7 speed auto). The RX400h is selling like nobody's business so Lexus must be doing something right. The problem with the Accord hybrid is its too expensive. Not many people are willing to plunk down $30k for a honda. If they put the V6 hybrid drivetrain in a Acura vehicle like the TL or RL, it would be a different story. Toyota better keep Camry hybrid price in check otherwise it might suffer the same fate.


I think the acccord hybrid was discontinued after just 1 year. The honda site still advertises the 05 model and there is no mention of an 06 at all anywhere.


I think Justin may be mistaken about the Accord hybrid stopping after just one year. The same thing happened when they rolled the new Civic--the Civic Hybrid pages showed the old one (they show the new one now, though). They don't seem to show material on models as early as I'd like. But it seems like my wife saw an ad for one on TV that had a sunroof (the one thing that was simply not available in the 2005) and she was mildly pissed about that.

All of the things that people are criticizing the Accord hybrid for in this thread were things that attracted us to the car: the power, mainly. We wanted a car with horsepower and we loved the way the Accord drove. Being able to get better mileage was a plus. We crunched the numbers. How long did we expect to drive the car, how many miles, how much fuel would we end up saving (based on 2$ gas, which today would be a friggin bargain) and the tax credit and so on. We felt like it was a do-able deal. I think the biggest problem was finding a dealer who would sell for a good price. We bought it at below invoice but had to go to NJ to get it. In Texas, everyone wanted sticker. Even with 800 bucks transportation, we saved money.

But we love the car. I know people on this site are focused on really green cars with better mileage, but there are a lot of people who just won't accept cars they see as underpowered (like my wife). Look at the Highlander and Lexus hybrid sales. I think those cars are closer to the Accord hybrid than they are to the Prius.

I realize that hybrids are initially going to be attractive to the usual early adopters and to green-focused people, but I was glad the Accord hybrid did not feel like a hair shirt--rather the opposite, it's quite luxurious and has more power and performance than the gas-only car. That's what sold it to us. I suspect Honda's lower sales figures for Accord hybrids have more to do with price and availability. They don't make many at all, esp. compared to Prius and Civic.


Toyota have made enough strives in environmentally conscious hybrid technology of late to afford to splash out for the rich audience that want a bit of power. Besides, I think in many ways hybrids need the publicity required to get SUV people to move to hybrids, no matter what form they take. I think it is a lot easier for a car salesman to talk someone down form buying a powerful hybrid to convincing them to buy a hybrid in the first place. If more people can be romanced on to hybrids then the better for it. In any event, surely not too many people can afford these Lexus LS beasts, so they are a minority at best.

fred khaz

i take 2

fred khaz

i take 2 please!!


Let's face it, the Lexus GS 450h is the highest technology (mass produced), vehicle on the planet. It provides solid performance in it's class and is gentle on the environment. Perhaps you really can have your cake and eat it too. If you haven't driven it, can you really offer an opinion?


It is expected the LS600h will get mileage in the 'low' 20's. If I'm looking for a hybrid, I'm looking for gas mileage plus decent performance....this doesn't do it for me as far as the as mileage goes, especially for the extended price of a hybrid vehicle!

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