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TRW Introduces Portfolio of Products for Hybrids

TRW’s new Active Hydraulic Boost (AHB) system.

TRW Automotive has introduced a broad suite of technologies designed to support the growth of hybrid electric vehicles.

The products and systems range from simple lighter-weight components to advanced braking technologies such as TRW’s Slip Control Boost, a fully integrated slip control system, as well as electrically powered hydraulic steering systems.

The supplier requirements for HEVs differ from those for conventional vehicles. Fuel efficiency, packaging flexibility and weight reduction are key factors, and with smaller volumes, vehicle manufacturers want to reduce development costs for individual systems and components.

—Peter Lake, executive vice president sales and business development, TRW Automotive

TRW Automotive has offering two brake control systems options:

  • TRW Slip Control Boost, a fully integrated electronic stability control and brake actuation system;

  • TRW Active Hydraulic Braking system, which is compatible with any electronic stability control system and replaces the brake actuation system with an electro-hydraulic control unit (EHCU), pedal simulator and master cylinder solution.

For steering, TRW has tailored its electrically powered hydraulic steering system (EPHS) to offer an off-the-shelf product for HEVs. EPHS can convert a standard hydraulic system for an HEV application.



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