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China BAK Battery Signs Manufacturing Agreement with A123Systems

China BAK Battery, one of the largest manufacturers of Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery cells, announced that it has formed a contract manufacturing partnership with A123Systems, a developer of high-power Nano-Phosphate Li-Ion battery technology based on patented nanotechnology licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (earlier post).

China BAK Battery has collaborated with A123Systems since early 2005 at its Shenzhen facilities to design, to develop and to implement an advanced mass-production line to manufacture exclusively the first products for A123Systems.

High-volume production has begun. The cells have been rigorously tested to meet the most stringent Tier 1 OEM quality requirements. A123 high-power batteries will be used in a variety of applications including power tools, medical devices and hybrid electric vehicles.

The A123Systems batteries promise up to 10x longer life, 5x power gains and dramatically faster charge time (more than 90% capacity in five minutes) over conventional high-power battery technology.

China BAK also announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Lenovo. This agreement calls for both companies to jointly contribute and share resources to further product development efforts. The company has been a supplier of Lithium Ion battery cells for Lenovo cell phone applications since August 2005.


Harvey D

Very good news for affordable A123Systems advanced batteries for PHEVs and EVs. Wonder how long it will take Exxon and Co. to convince the US Commerce Dept. to apply a 100% to 200% duty on imported advanced batteries. Farmers have done it for imported ethanol, the next step could very well be batteries, with Free Trade special buy American democratic interpretation.


What I wonder is all we talk is how nice would be to have EVs on Ion-Lithium batteries. But how much those batteries
would cost if were produced in USA? lol. We are dependant
on oil from Middle East and on batteries from China. So
I guess instead of manufacturing goods in US we will
just develop services, lol, and will be serving coffee to each other and getting insanely high salaries for that, lol. Something has to give in somewhere.


Serving coffee is good, you get the afternoons off.

Frankly, I don't even care if we make potato chips or IC chips.
What is important is for human beings to " man their stations in society" and have any job.

Without jobs, there would be alot more sin!!


Anyone know who's HEV's these will be going in? GM China maybe?

Harvey D

The solution: Buy coffee and sugar from third world countries at 5 to 10 cents/lb and sell it at $1 to $2 a cup. Since one pound of coffee and one pound of sugar make 30+ cups of good strong coffee, the profit margin is between 3000% and 6000%. Serving coffee is a good business, specially when people have enough time to drink lots of it.


If you don't have a job, you will have plenty of time to drink coffee.

But ... You won't be able to afford it.

Harvey D

Lucas: There are many known ways to protect jobs:
1.- Run huge yearly budget and trade deficits. That's what the present Administration has been doing. It works for the short term but represents a potential major fiasco for the long term.
2.- Protect local jobs with a multitude of local and national subsidies, import quotas and very high import tariffs. That's what USA has been doing for a very long time. It works but you don't make many friends that way. Others can and will retaliate and boycot US products. Trade wars lead to real wars.
3.- Lower the value of the US dollar by 50+%. This would make all exports cheaper and raise the price of all imports. It works and will create local jobs but will quickly lower the standard of living across the country. The price of coffee, gasoline and all imported goods will go up drastically. This is already taking place and will probably accellerate, specially with Asian currencies. If done progressively, it may be the best way to become competitive again and maintain jobs.


Any idea what one of these new Li batteries would cost if it's used in a BEV and/or PHEV and what about the car's driving range? Thanks!


To Lucas.
I am drinking coffee now while typing this, and waiting for something to compile. Such things are possible. :)


What's the point of coffee if you don't have a job? ;)

these batteries will revolutionize the EV industry.


I am so disappointed when I read these comments. With the great technology and cheap manufacturing process, finally, EV may become affordable. To my surprise, what I saw are just some nagging on import/export, job outsourcing, currency appreciation, etc. For God's sake, if someone outside of US can do the same work and ask for much less, why do Americans think they deserve a much better pay?

What Chinese and Indians are doing is quite simple, they just try to do what Americans do now. It is Americans' job to invent the future. Do yourself a favor, stop wasting your energy on finger pointing others, invent! So, when you receive a hefty pay check, you can say to yourself: I am worth it.


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