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Clean Diesel Technologies (CDT), developer of technology solutions to reduce diesel engine emissions, has entered into an agreement with Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co. / Mitsui Kinzoku to introduce of Mitsui’s urea quality sensor technology for NOx reduction via Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) into the European marketplace.

SCR has emerged as the technology of choice for meeting Euro-4 and upcoming Euro-5 NOx reduction requirements. Urea-based SCR systems inject urea into the hot exhaust gas where the urea decomposes into ammonia (NH3). NOx reacts with NH3 on the surface of the catalyst to produce nitrogen (N2) and water vapor (H2O).

The urea quality sensor technology addresses industry quality control concerns by ensuring a specific quality of urea is delivered into the exhaust gas stream. The introduction of a urea quality sensor into the SCR system also reduces the risk of tampering or accidental mis-filling and helps ensure compliance, thus satisfying concerns of users and legislators alike. This contributes to the overall success of SCR as a NOx reduction technology.

Mitsui has extensive experience in SCR compliance technology and has greatly contributed to the successful introduction of SCR in Japan. This technology removes one of the few remaining barriers to the application of SCR technology as a global solution to the reduction of harmful nitrous oxides from diesel vehicles. We look forward to assisting Mitsui in developing the European market for their urea quality sensor.

—Tim Rogers, Executive Vice President CDTI

CDT has a history of working with Mitsui, including Mitsui’s licensing of CDT’s Advanced Reagent Injector System (ARIS) for use in stationary and mobile applications in Japan. Clean Diesel Technologies last week announced it is introducing integrated urea-dosing units into Europe to work with existing Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (SCR). (Earlier post.)


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