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Clean Diesel Technologies Introducing Urea-Dosing Units for SCR into Europe

Clean Diesel Technologies, a developer of chemical and technological solutions to reduce engine emissions, is introducing integrated urea-dosing units into Europe to work with existing Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (SCR).

SCR systems have become the technology of choice for the majority of heavy duty diesel truck and bus manufacturers to ensure compliance with EURO 4/5 NOx reduction levels.

The operating principle of SCR is that unwanted oxides of nitrogen are converted into harmless nitrogen and water vapour by the addition of ammonia as a reducing agent in a catalytic converter. The ammonia is introduced by spraying an aqueous urea solution—which is held in a separate on-board tank—into the hot exhaust gases.

Clean Diesel’s urea-dosing unit for SCR systems represents Europe’s first commercially available and fully integrated airless urea-injection tool. It is based on the Company’s single-fluid, flow-cooled Advanced Reagent Injector System (ARIS)—originally developed for urea-based SCR systems for NOx emission control from larger, stationary engines—and is targeted at the growing retrofit and original equipment (OEM) automotive markets across Europe.

The airless solution removes the need for air compression and distribution equipment.

As well as marketing the dosing unit under its own license, Clean Diesel is also looking to license its technology to those supply partners within the automotive industry who are looking to meet OEM demand for simpler methods of urea injection.


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