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Dodge Hornet

At the Geneva show, the Chrysler group is introducing the Dodge Hornet, a new subcompact B-segment concept vehicle for the European and international markets.

The Hornet uses a 1.6-liter 16-valve OHC supercharged four-cylinder engine putting out 127 kW (170 hp) and 224 Nm of torque @4,000 rpm. A raised plateau on the hood features a recessed scoop on the driver’s side to funnel air to the engine air box.

In the front, an exposed engine intercooler is flanked by front brake air ducts and fog lamps.

Outfitted with a six-speed manual transmission, the Hornet offers estimated 0–60 mph acceleration of 6.7 seconds, with a top speed of 130 mph (209 km/h).

In the B Segment, the Hornet would compete with cars like the Toyota Yaris, Chevrolet Aveo or Fiat Grand Punto. But while the Hornet is B segment in length, it is almost as wide as a C segment vehicle, giving the car a solid stance.


H. Myers

If this car was available in the US today, I'd buy it in a heart beat. I wonder why it's being introduced in Europe only?


You can, it's called the MINI :-)

Seriously, look at their specs side by side.


The styling really makes the thing look like the love child of a Mini and a Dodge Magum ;-)

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