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EPA Approves Dual-Fuel Diesel to Natural Gas Conversion System

Hybrid Fuel Systems has received a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Conversion System Certificate of Conformity for the company’s dual-fuel diesel to natural gas conversion system. The Certificate of Conformity was declared effective January 19, 2006.

Applicable to the dual-fuel diesel system installed on Mack engine families, the Certificate of Conformity allows Hybrid to now pursue domestic conversion opportunities primarily in the refuse hauling segment of the US marketplace.

The conversion systems can displace up to 80% of the diesel fuel, with a reduction in NOx emissions by at least 23%. Operation can return to diesel-fuel only mode at the flip of a switch.

This is the first dual-fuel diesel Certificate awarded to the company.


Alberto Gutierrez

My interest is to install in Colombia Diesel Engine Conversion to Natural gas in a Dual Fuel(Bi - Fuel) System for fleets of passengers' transport in Urban service, in existing application, in Bogotá and other cities of Colombia. I request you technical information, if it is feasible to make conversions for different sizes, models and marks of Diesel Engine, some perspectives of costs for different applications (Engine marks, different engines sizes), and which are the manufacturer of commercial conversion kit and the possibilities of representing some here in Colombia.

Glen Fendley

Where can I get a dual fuel (CNG/Diesel) kit or the parts needed for my truck? I have a 1994 Dodge/Cummins.

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