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Europe and China will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) this week on clean-coal technology during the 6th EU–China Energy Conference.

The MoU will encourage the development of technology allowing the capture and underground storage of carbon dioxide emitted from coal-fired power stations. China is also keen to exploit coal to produce liquid fuels and hydrogen.

By reducing the environmental impact of coal, it will remain a viable part of our energy mix for some time. Energy is one of the EU’s foremost concerns and I am glad to have this opportunity to discuss the way ahead with my Chinese counterparts.

—EC Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs

China, the world’s second largest consumer of energy after the United States, is heavily dependent on coal, which accounts for 70% of its energy consumption. In 2004 China consumed some 34% of the coal used worldwide and generated 74% of the growth in world coal consumption.

The MoU builds upon and strengthens work such as the Action Plans on clean coal technologies and energy efficiency & renewable energy, the EU-China Dialogue on Energy and Transport Strategies, the Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement and the EU-China Energy and Environment Programme.



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