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Honda Accord Hybrid for 2006: Improved Emissions Performance, Reduced Fuel Economy

Honda is debuting the 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid with a better emissions rating (now AT-PZEV/Tier-2 bin2, previously ULEV-2/Tier-2 bin5), and reduced fuel economy.

The 2006 Accord Hybrid utilizes Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system in combination with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) cylinder deactivation technology to deliver 253 hp (189 kW) of power with an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 25/34 city/highway miles per gallon.

The 2005 Accord Hybrid developed 255 hp with 29/37 city/highway miles per gallon.

The 3.0-liter V6 engine with IMA in the Accord Hybrid offers 9 more horsepower than the gasoline-only 3.0-liter V6 Accord and 87 more horsepower than a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder Accord.

The IMA system’s 12kW electric motor contributes torque during hard acceleration and recaptures kinetic energy generated during deceleration and braking for storage in the nickel-metal hydride battery pack. A 5-speed automatic transmission is standard.

Pricing starts at $30,990 for the 2006 Accord Hybrid, an increase of $850 from the MSRP of the 2005 Accord Hybrid.



I'm suprised they even introduced the 06 Accord hybrid. I thought they were going to kill it after 05 due to poor sales. They were stil advertising the 05 accord on the web site up to last week. Oh well. More power to them for perseverance.


Could the change in fuel economy be due to the revised EPA tests? Have they kicked in yet?



revised EPA tests are still on drawing board. They are scheduled to kick in in 07 or 08 if ever.
revised EPA test are defacto raise to CAFE so they will probably be stoped again by Motown. So do not hold your breath


Way to go, Honda. I was just looking for a hybrid that gets worse mileage than last year, and costs more!


Due to the failure of their strategy to have increased performance at the expense of economy, they compounded their error in 05 by making the economy even worse in 06. Way to go, Honda. Does an accord really need 253 hp? And good luck competing against the Camry hybrid when it comes out. Camry emphasized power a bit more than necessary, too, but it will have better mileage than the Accord.

Ok, maybe some people like this combination of power and economy, but why can't we have a choice. The auto companies need to move to the ability to dial up economy or performce depending on one's needs. I know this is in the works, but its introduction needs to be accelerated.

Lance Funston

Is ULEV so bad? What in the world were they thinking?
Next year let's just try scrapping this V-6 version and put the iMA on the 4cyl, then maybe you'll have a hybrid Accord that actually gets 30mpg in all around driving.


lol wow, i thought with the improved IMA system (like on the new civic), you would have a nicer car with better mileage.
apparently, you get a more expensive car with worse mileage. way to go honda.


here is the real reason.


I hope the real world mpg is indeed still the same, theres no reason why it the mpg should decrease. I too wish Honda would use a 4cyl in their accord hybrid, but I wonder how the highway mpg figures compare between a "4cyl hybrid accord" and a v6 hybrid accord running on only 3 cylinders?

Lance Funston

here is the real reason.

Thanks for this...

So they had to get retested by the EPA (and they probably did suffer a bit with extra emissions controls). With 25/34 you might actually be closer to the real world than the absurd 37mpg claim.

Based on a comparison of the Consumer Reports numbers, the normal accord and the hybrid basically give you the same overall mileage (25-26 mpg) but one is a rocket (and costs a lot more).

Hampden Wireless

The hybrid Camry makes the Honda look like a piece of crap. Well the sales speak for themselves. Honda needs to improve the electric side of its hybrid systems. The gas motors are great, Honda's strength.


sigh. People love to diss this car. I really don't know why. I drive one and I love it. "The hybrid Camry makes the Honda look like a piece of crap"--I guess looks are all you'd have to go on as you won't be able to even test drive that Camry until the fall of this year. Meanwhile, I'll have enjoyed a year of my Accord.

I also wonder about the alleged sales problem. What I read somewhere (wish I knew where) was that Honda only makes these cars in one factory, in Japan and that they don't actually make that many, especially in comparison to other hybrids. Perhaps they are selling all they are making. Is that a problem? Dunno.

True, it does not, all by itself, save the planet. It does not cure cancer either. It does get me to work, however. And unlike some of the other hybrids, it can run the A/C while autostopped (for a little while). And it saves me a teeny bit of money on fuel. And stinks quite a bit less. Every ozone action day, I think, well, there's a little less of that that comes from me. But all I ever read in the comments is how horrible this car is, how stupid Honda is, etc. I guess that's my one beef with the comments on GCC: a lot of negativity, a lot of "yeah, but what about..." Fortunately the actual articles make up for that one blot.


actually, d, as of now, the only hybrid that doesn't remain shut off w/ac on is the insight, because it still uses an original version of the IMA.
the point, really, is that accord isn't worth the money that it costs. for the same (or actually, less), you can get a prius that is much more technologically advanced, both in terms of its hybrid system and hybrid capabilities and in terms of its interior technology (audio system, nav, etc).
i would also like to point out that toyota actually gives a better warranty on the prius than the accord.
seriously, the only reason the accord is "better" is because it is more powerful. that is to say, it's more powerful, but it's not like you need the power in the first place anyway.

Carl Browning

I have the Prius Hybrid (2005 model) and the Honda Accord V6 (2005 non-hybrid model). Having passed through The States last month I note that the hybrid version is available there but I live down under in New Zealand and tend to use the Prius for all short journeys.

When will you be able to help me to reverse this need? Australasia does have a market for quality cars with all the trimmings.

Carl Browning

Pete Banu

Honda Accord Hybrid is a wonderful non-compromise performance car. It is true, it is not for every pocket, but efficiency is expensive.

To compare this car with other cars with less than 200 hp is wrong - it is not the market segment targeted by HAH. You can look at Audi, BMW, Acura or Lexus (and even Toyota Avalon) to compare the performance, and in this context the price of HAH is a bargain. And again you can compare it with the top of the line "gasoline only" Accord and Camry and the $4000 difference in price (in Canada) is justified by the upgrades in performance and styling only. The better fuel economy and the excellent emission is a bonus. I can't wait to drive my HAH rocket pass the unsuspecting Audi driver, knowing that my car is using 40% less gas (and Regular!) and is environmentally friendlier than his car.

So, I believe kudos are in order, Honda!


I picked up my '06 HAH last week. I am getting 30 MPG in the cold city of Chicago and loving every minute of driving it. The Prius feels like a go-cart compared to my car. The HAH is an incredibly sophisticated car-- and way more fun to drive than my wife's '06 civic hybrid or my friend's prius (they are both jealous, by the way). Pick the car that is right for you, and then you will be happy with it! For some, like me, that car is clearly the '06 HAH.

Chris T

The 2006 AHA is a magnificent, thoughtfully designed,sophisticated, beautifully crafted ,high technology, high performance car. It is the best car that I have ever owned including my once brand new BMW 540. To have such performance and yet be frugal on the gas, is a testament to the innovative engineers who contrived this machine. It is more than a hybrid. It gets the 3 cylinder operation right, it gets the auto stop right , it is easy on the environment and even has electric driven air conditioner.

THis is the car oif the future that I dreamed about when I was a boy at the NY worlds fair in 1965 walking through the GM pavillion. Except GM stopped innovating. Kudos to Honda.

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