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Honda Introduces New 45 MPG Minicar: the ZEST

Honda ZEST.

Honda Motor has introduced the new ZEST minicar in Japan. The ZEST is based on a low-floor platform technology, resulting in a high-capacity storage area.

The ZEST features Honda’s 3-cylinder 658cc i-DSI (dual and sequential ignition) engine that delivers 38 kW (51 hp) of power and 61 Nm of torque combined with a 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission. A turbocharged version producers 47 kW (63 hp) and 93 Nm of torque.

Fuel consumption ranges from 5.26 l/100km (44.7 mpg US) for the naturally aspirated version to 5.68 l/100km (41.4 mpg US) for the turbo version.

All FWD models have earned Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport certification as Low-Emissions Vehicles, with emission levels 75% lower than those required by 2005 standards.



reminds me a lot of the old (european) toyota yaris.


I'm not real impressed with Honda anymore. It's just another small car that could achieve much better mileage with a 'parallel' hybrid drivetrain. Honda's hybrids cannot evolve into Plug-in Hybrids, so Honda is behind on vehicular technology.

And I reject the claim that Hybrids being an 'interim technology' leading to hydrogen fuel cell. Plug-in Hybrids surpass all other concept cars, fuels and drive systems. C'mon people.


no cvt ?


What a bunch of whiners. This is a Kei car for the japanese market only. Hence the 658cc engine.


I think K-cars like this should be sold in the whole world at low prices. Perfect for young people and old ladies! Europe is full of heavy cars now!

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