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Hybrid Technologies to Produce Electric Version of Mullen GT

The conventional Mullen GT.

Hybrid Technologies, the manufacturer of specialty electric vehicles including electric versions of the Mini Cooper and Smart car, has formed a joint venture with Mullen Motors to produce an electric version of the Mullen GT.

Hybrid will introduce its “Carbon Fiber Super Car” at the 2006 New York International Auto Show in April. The company claims that the performance of the emissions-free Carbon Fiber Super Car will match the current GT model, with a top speed of 180 mph and acceleration from 0–60 mph in just over 3 seconds.

The car will use lithium-ion batteries to power the drivetrain. Hybrid estimates that the car will sell at approximately $124,900. The current base price of a conventional GT—with a Corvette V8 engine—is around $70,000.

Hybrid will develop and produce the vehicle at Hybrid’s new manufacturing facility in Mooresville, NC.

Mullen designed the GT to provide a more affordable exotic car. The GT Base Package starts at $49,950 for a completely assembled body/chassis unit that is ready to accept an in-line transaxle and engine. Engines that can be fitted include a 4-cylinder, rotary, V6 and most V8s. The turn-key package includes the installation of a Corvette LS-2 400hp V8 with a Porsche G50 5-speed transaxle for $69,950.

Mullen plans to produce 25 GTs per year.


Mark A

Interesting that its going to cost $124,900 with hybrid/batteries, or $70,000 with V-8 gas. Using the $54,900 premium to buy $3.00 a gallon gas results in 18,300 gallons. Figuring 25mpg, a person could drive 457,500 miles on this premium. Wheres the savings here??? We need to be real careful here in jumping on some of this stuff.........


Incomplete information - how much electrical capacity are the building into this car? 50 KWH? 100?


Not yet announced.


Mark A,
If savings If savings was what your after buy a Kia or a bicycle. Many who like sports cars would consider $125K a steal for unique technology and something so rare that is makes a Lamborghini Gallardo look like a Camry.

Mark A


The point I am making is why would anyone pay $54,900 for this unique technology, when they could bank this $54,900 and get the same car, with a proven powertrain. I am all for new technologies and new transportation ideas, but in such an "emotional" vehicle, this added premium makes no sense at all. If you can afford to spend $125,000 on a vehicle, or $70,000, you should not think twice about $3 gas.

Make this technology available in a '60 era Cobra replica, priced around $10,000, in a no frills basic commuter car for the masses, and then you have something........

Kelly Robinson 57-0

Theres never been an exotic sportscar that's made finacial sense...


Exactly, Kelly, people who go shopping with a calculator don't buy £70,000 cars. But people with that kind of coin are very keen on exclusivity and currently high performance electric vehicles (like this and the tZero) are possibly the most exclusive road vehicles u can buy.


Mark A: This car is likely to get 12 MPG rather then 25MPG with a 400HP V8. But you still get 219600 Miles on that premium. Perhaps this is some collectible for some rich dude who has a HUGE indoor circuit to drive on...


Mark A:

If you can scale the cost figures proportionally, then using this technology on a conventional car would make a $20,000 car go for about $37,000, and we don't even know if the ranges are the same (but I doubt they are). I doubt if the average person would spend that kind of money on a car that does essentially the same, or less. Hence the exotic niche.

Dave G

even buying a prius doesn't make economic sense. you'd be much better off buying a civic if all you're worried about is money. people usually buy hybrids because they're concerned about the environment, not because they want to save money.


I'd pay double for an EV of the same model gasoline car. That's no different than paying the big bux for the top speed computer processor vs. the half-price next lowest model. New tech always carries a hefty premium at first, but right now there's not even that choice for consumers.


Let's remember the aging baby boomers are the biggest spenders in today's market and will continue to be for at least the next 5 years. Make an electric sports car that is under 35K (we don't need speeds over 100 MPH) and you'll sell so many, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank! Stop talking about it and just do it!

Ashley Combes

You all make very good points, but no one has really mentioned the great effects this would have on the enviorment. All these cars are really missing are some style and we all know tho that. But american consumers rather spend their dollar on something cheap and easy, instead of something safe and efficent. The inventors of these cars come from china, where most people still ride their bike everywhere. Americans, we love our luxuries.

A point id like to make is 'HDTV', soon tvs all across the nation or something will takin over bY HDTV, so soon old tvs will be simply be thrown out and replaced by HDTV.

I think the hybrid car one day could possible take over the strictly gasoline powered cars. Especially with new laws.

The report said Honda's willingness to share hybrid technologies are part of an effort
to maintain its leading position in the environmentally friendly car market as the US introduces strict emission regulations in 2009.

What of these emissions regulations result in higher gas prices, harder to pass smog, higher insurance costs. No one has even brought up the insurance aspect on this, im sure insurance would be much cheaper for a hybrid car, especially since this car wont reach a dangerous speed like a naturally powered cas car. Ideal for learning teenagers and Im sure accident rates will come and car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in america!!

And not to mention the candiates we are looking at for president, for all we know hybrid power cars can become the law. If the price of production of a hybridcar can come out to the same overall cost of a gas powered car then this a potientally a good thing to invest in.

Im sure having the power of gas will be available for certian circumstances and certain jobs, but then the price of gas im sure would rise, which could keep the econonmy happy. And whoever has the power of the oil, could really have the power of the oil.


there are several outlets whereby you can buy electric DC motors, controllers, the whole package to install in a suitable donor car and use deep cycle lead acid batteries. 144 volts can make at least 70 mph and 50-70 mile range which makes it perfect for commuting, which most of us do. My current choice is a porsche 911 rolling chassis. The technology is there and established and you don't necessarily have to go to expensive AC motors and costly lithium batteries. There's a remote chance "big oil" may be behind the big 3 lagging behind on an affordable EV. When will we ever see the Chevy Volt, for example?

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