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Hy-Drive Begins Selling on-Board Hydrogen Generating System

The G2 system.

Hy-Drive Technologies, the maker of a compact, on-board, on-demand electrolyzer that produces hydrogen for mixture with gasoline, diesel or propane (earlier post), announced the commercial availability of its new G2 hydrogen generating system (HGS) and has begun shipping and installing its first G2 units to selected trucking customers in North America.

The Hy-Drive HGS injects small amounts of hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber of a regular internal combustion engine, creating an enriched air mixture and a more complete and faster burn of the fuel. This results in reduced emissions, improved fuel efficiency and more engine torque.

Company testing indicates an increase in horsepower of up to 6%; an up to 80% reduction of particulate matter; an up to 46% reduction of NOx emissions; and a reduction of up to 98% of carbon monoxide emissions.

The HGS pulls the power for the electrolyzer from the engine’s standard electrical charging circuit. The resulting hydrogen and oxygen gases are delivered to the engine air intake by a vacuum pump. An electronic process controller varies the energy input to maintain a constant flow of gases, while an electronic safety module ensures safe operation.

The system uses two liters of distilled water every 80 hours of operation. The HGS operates only when the engine is running and produces hydrogen and oxygen on demand; gases are never stored.

The product is easy to install and works with any internal combustion engine, all types of fuel and in almost any climate making a versatile solution for any truck fleet. The G2 measures 11 3/4"w x 13"d x 19 5/8"h.

Four days before its announcement of the commercial release of the G2 system, Hy-Drive had announced that it had filed an additional five new patent applications on it.

Hy-Drive last year signed an agreement with Tier 1 automotive supplier Martinrea International Inc. to develop the product for automobiles and light trucks.



I'm skeptical; I'd like to see some independant verification. But assuming it works as claimed:

When can I add this to my Insight? ^_^


tom deplume

Their press release says it has been tested by an SAE certified lab. What it doesn't say is price.

Lance Funston

It also doesn't state fuel efficiceny gains.

I saw an example of a DIY aftermarket device that bolts on to the engine and generates H2 using a similar principle that claimed increase fuel efficiency that I was considering about 2 years ago when I was agonizing about the lousy mileage in my Element.

I was skeptical of their claims (and my ability to install it properly). This appears to be at least a more thouroughly tested product but the other device is out there if anyone want to order one and try it out.

I also found this post from a Canadian company


If you go to "Products" and then use the "HGS Calculator" it appears to say that the unit will cost $10,000 USD and yield a 9% fuel economy increase. It is also pretty big according to the picture...


These are indeed meant only for large trucks. They are also meant only for diesel engines. 9% savings for a big rig is a lot of money, so the payback period is very short.


Well then... when can I get one for my 6.6L turbodiesel Silverado Dually? ;)


Does anyone know -- Would a vehicle using this process meet the 2007 EPA specs for emissions - in particular NOx and particulate matter. If it does (and I suspect it does not) then this would be huge!! The average 2007 Big Rig will spend $28,000 dollars next year meeting the 2007 EPA laws -- and ya know something -- it ain't gonna be the Trucking companies paying the bill -- it's gonna be you know who -- the average tax payer/consumer. It sure would be nice if this worked and they could save 9% of their fuel costs instead of paying $28K a year extra -- who knows -- they may even pass the some of the savings down to us little people. (Of course paying $28k more per year might be worth it to have claener air -- that goes without saying)


I'll remain skeptical about the claims this company makes until I see 3rd party independent test results. The company's web site claims success in 5 independent trials, yet provides no additional (evidentiary) information to support the claims.

Surely releasing the details of valid trials would dramatically bolster the company's fortunes. So, their absense can only leave one wondering.

I for one would be pleased if it's all true and works as advertised.

But in the absense of more information, I wish GCC would apply a little more critical thinking before effectively acting as a promoter of companies that don't provide adequate information about their claims.


"Company testing indicates an increase in horsepower of up to 6%; an up to 80% reduction of particulate matter; an up to 46% reduction of NOx emissions; and a reduction of up to 98% of carbon monoxide emissions."

With a low current to a hydrogen generating system?

Heh, i can see so many "up to" here, this means the maximum is "up to" so and so, but no minimum value, you might get 0% most of the time but once a while, like while the h2 unit store enough H2 and injected into the cumbustion chamber, you get the boost.

Does it worth your bucks? I prefer to spend mine on a CNG/NGV kit.

Bluey Quilty

I aim to initiate debate on Yule Brown's electrolyser. If you had not heard, in 1973 or thereabouts, a Sydney engineer developed a unit to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen in line with two conventional internal combustion vehicle engines. Of course, conversion to cope with the water vapour - chiefly rustproof materials and the regulation of hydrogen-oxygen mixture - was necessary.

The debate and intense technological work surrounding the gleaning and storage of hydrogen seems ridiculous! Where is all the hydrogen in its most stable condition? Readers, it is in WATER!!!

Readers, rhetorically speaking, this is the most important concept for a device since the nuclear weapon.
Because it could catchnet ALL EXISTING conventional petrol engines and save the world from the consequences of that aspect of anthropomorphic climate change.

BUT WAIT, there's more! Imagine a closed cycle power station which re-uses water vapour?

Readers may write to me at
[email protected]
Bluey Quilty, MA
Historian and documentary writer
Blue Mountains

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