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International Truck Evaluating Several Enova Hybrid Drive Applications

One application of the versatile International 4200-series medium-duty truck.

Enova Systems announced today that it is working with and evaluating hybrid drive systems for International Truck and Engine Corporation (International). Enova confirmed it delivered a post-transmission 120 kW parallel hybrid-electric drive application in an International 4200-series medium-duty truck to the company in November 2005.

The delivery of the truck is in addition to a prototype hybrid drive school bus delivered to IC Corp in January 2006. (Earlier post.) Both the 4200 series truck and the School Bus are currently being evaluated by International at their Fort Wayne Technical Center.

The performance of the 4200 series International Truck, as delivered by Enova, has yielded an average reduction in fuel consumption of more than 31% and a corresponding increase in fuel economy (miles per gallon) in excess of 48%.

The 4200 series supports a standard Gross Vehicle Weight of 21,500 lbs up to a maximum of 35,000 lbs. The conventional models feature the 6-liter VT 365 V8 diesel engine with ratings from 175 to 230 hp and 624 to 841 Nm of torque.

International is partnering with Eaton Corporation on a number of other hybrid applications, including diesel-electric hybrid parcel delivery trucks for FedEx and UPS, a prototype diesel-hydraulic hybrid parcel delivery truck (also for UPS), and a diesel-electric hybrid utility trouble truck.

International Truck and Engine is the US’ largest medium-duty truck manufacturer. It currently supports approximately 40% of the medium truck build and 60% of the school bus build in North America.


Adrian Akau

It seems to me that the thinking on new trucks and school buses must take into consideration the rising costs of fuel. It would make good sense to offer these vehicles in a hybrid fuel saving mode. Ten years from now, we may not have a choice in the matter but while we do, it would be best to move over to this technology while not yet under extreme pressure to do so. Our economy is energy driven and we do not want to be shackeled by liquid fuel costs. We must plan ahead, knowing the the fuel cost increases are inevitable.

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