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London Testing Six Diesel Series-Hybrid Buses

An Electrocity hybrid.

Transport for London, the agency responsible for the city’s transport systems, has introduced six Wrightbus Electrocity series diesel-hybrid buses on an experimental basis to run alongside the Dennis Dart vehicles normally allocated to the route.

The single-deck Electrocity hybrids use an Enova 120kW series-hybrid drive coupled to Enova’s 60kW genset driven by a 1.9-liter Euro-4 common-rail diesel engine (earlier post). The Enova genset is designed to allow integrators to choose the engine best suited to their needs.

The buses have a range of 180–200 miles, with an average speed of 12–15 mph and a top speed of 40–45 mph.

The buses will run on the 360 route linking Elephant Castle and the Royal Albert Hall. An earlier test of a Wrightbus hybrid prototype in 2003 ran on a North London route.

Wrightbus estimates that the Electrocity vehicles will reduce CO2 emissions by at least 30% below Euro-3 conventional bus levels, and provide a significant reduction in other emissions, including NOX.

In earlier testing of an Electrocity bus at the Millbrook proving grounds in the UK, the hybrid emitted 740 g/km of CO2, compared to 1,050 g/km from a Euro-3 diesel that was, however, much lighter.

Electrocity Emissions Tests, London Bus Cycle
Source: Millbrook Emissions Tests. Actual operational comparisons with convention bus will relate to Electrocity weight.
Euro-3 Diesel, 8.76 tonnes 0.53 1.3 18.6 1,050 n/a
Euro-3 Diesel, 14 tonnes 0.5 6 13.4 1,300 n/a
Electrocity, 12.5 tonnes 0 0.24 2.0 740 0.039

(A hat-tip to Rhett Drew!)




WOW 1.9 litre diesel to power a city bus. Sounds like a VW TDI. Top speed must be 30 or 40 mph. Perfect!


Besides, the average speed (12-15 mph) definitely fits the road in Manhattan.


1.9L diesel engine on a bus? Its gotta be work'n full time!
Max speed is only 45mph and with no hills(?) I guess the design has been fine tuned for the route.
Looks like the socialists in Europe are doing a better job of reducing fossil fuel consumption and saving the planet then we capitalists.


Good one Tony!

By virtue of designing a bus socialism has claimed triumph!

I don't think Gumby could come up with a better stretch.



leftish socialists from germany work for the doom;

its their last possibility to come back;

from them you always hear the same shit:
consumption is so bad,
american way of life is devil,
society like this has no future,
bush is a murder ...

in their anti-americanism, they even sympathise with islamists;

just ignore them

tom deplume

Havn't the Enova and Azure hybrid systems been proven in other cities? They should have ordered 600 or 6000 instead of just 6 as a stimulation for mass production economies of scale.


Hmmm.. I've been to Germany for a while and even though they are not happy with us, they never talk the way you suggest.


Precisely which government is socialist? It certainly isn't the UK one!!

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