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Quantum to Build Hydrogen-Fueled Escape Hybrid for US Army

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide has been awarded a contract to develop a hydrogen-fueled Ford Escape Hybrid vehicle for the US Army National Automotive Center (NAC).

Quantum will evaluate different hydrogen-fuel system configurations, considering the feasibility of bi-fuel (switchable between gasoline and hydrogen) and dedicated hydrogen systems. Quantum will then develop an advanced hydrogen storage system, fuel injection system, and electronic controls required for the Hydrogen Escape Hybrid.

Quantum is developing 30 hydrogen-fueled Prius hybrids for fleets in Southern California. (Earlier post.)

This Hydrogen Escape Hybrid contract complements the Mobile Hydrogen Infrastructure (MHI) program, which is funded in the FY 06 Department of Defense budget. The overall objective of the MHI program is to demonstrate the capability of Quantum’s HyHauler Plus transportable hydrogen refueling stations (earlier post) to meet emerging hydrogen fuel demand as hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are deployed throughout the military as part of the 21st Century Base initiative.

The demonstration program includes supporting the deployment of hydrogen internal combustion engine administrative vehicles, including the Hydrogen Escape Hybrid, as well as fuel cell vehicles.



I'm certainly glad we are pursuing hydrogen over pipe dreams like improved body armor.

Mark A

I am sure Quantum Fuel System Technology's expertise is in fuel systems, and not body armor. Leave the developement of body armor to companies who know something about, body armor.

Everyone knows, unfortunately, that there is nothing like a war or a conflict to spur developement of alternative ideas. Without WWII, there would have been a slow, or no, developement of jets, synthetic rubber, Dove soap, or nuclear bombs/energy. Include body armor in that war.

Its unfortunate that it has to be that way, but if the army is going to develop these systems, eventually these systems and improvements will cross over into the mainstream public. Sorta like everyones R&D program.


Ah yes, America... The unacknowledged leaders in state capitalism.


Mark, the intended irony surrouned the fact that the department of defense decided its best research opportunties included hydrogen Ford Escapes.

Come the freak on ... how far is this from tactical military application? You wanna drive a hydrogen Escape in Iraq?

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide may be a great bunch of guys ... but why don't they go hit up Wall St., and lay off the defense department pork in time of war.


Prototype system is most likely to big to fit in a smaller car and not battlefield ready.

Also fuelconsumption is critical in the battlefield. The less fuel you use the longer you can fight


So Charly, are hydrogen cars known for their range?

tom deplume

Seeing this and an earlier post on a fuel cell GMC pickup leads me to suspect that the so called hydrogen economy is driven by Pentagon desires. Imagine a major military operation a thousand miles from a major fuel source (N. Korea). Offshore is a nuclear powered ship with industrial scale electrolyzers. Fuel shipment costs are cut by 90% or more.


Sort of like when the airforce was inventing jet-packs?


Stored hydrogen is something which i don't particulary see as something usefull for a car. But having gasoline in your tank and converting it into hydrogen and using that in a fuel cell is. Especially when the next generation weapons use a lot of electricity.

ps. I assumed that they were using a fuel cell. Using H2 in a conventional engine is just pork spending.


Well, that sounds neat. Of course, for a while the public was quite jazzed that we'd all get jet packs invented by the government for their awesome military advantage (flight wings of airborne troops!).

As a curmudgeonly old engineer ... I reserve the right to express not just skepticism, but cynicism as well ;-)


Bah, look what hybridization has done for the army so far.

No reason to believe hydrogen will not offer more fancyness.
Though the choice for Ford Escapes is arguably very funny.

Also, you guys are forgetting the golden rule of R&D. Military and government have more money to throw around then the privates.

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