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Renault Shows Hi-Flex Clio FFV in Paris

Hi-Flex Clio

Renault is exhibiting a Hi-Flex Clio 1.6 16v at the 2006 Paris International Agricultural Show. Designed for the Brazilian market and introduced there in 2004, the vehicle features Renault-developed Flex-Fuel technology, with an engine that can run on fuel containing gasoline and ethanol in any proportion up to 100% of either.

European automakers are focusing on biofuel as an achievable solution for bringing down CO2 emission levels. Under Renault Commitment 2009 (earlier post), Renault has made several commitments to environmental issues, including engine adaptation to biofuels.

Renault says that by 2009, 50% of gasoline-engined vehicles it offers in Europe will be able to run on fuels containing up to 85% of ethanol, and all Renault diesel cars will run on fuel containing up to 30% biodiesel.

Hi-Flex Clio 1.6 v
Displacement 1,598 cc
Injection Multipoint
Max power, gasoline 110 hp @ 5,750 rpm (82 kW)
Max power, ethanol 115 hp @ 5,750 rpm (86 kW)
Max torque, gasoline 152 Nm
Max torque, ethanol 160 Nm
Max speed (kph), gasoline 192
Max speed (kph), ethanol 194
0–100 kph (seconds), gasoline 9.8
0–100 kph (seconds), ethanol 9.7


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