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The Moco

Sales of Nissan’s new Moco minicar reached 10,320 units in the two weeks since its introduction in Japan. Nissan had planned for monthly sales of 4,400 units.

The Moco (which comes in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive models) features a 658cc engine in both turbo and non-turbo versions. The non-turbo 2WD version delivers 40 kW (54 hp) of power and 63 Nm of torque with fuel consumption of 4.76 liters/100 kilometers (49 mpg US).

The turbo 4WD version provides 44 kW (59 hp) and 83 Nm of torque with fuel consumption of 5.49 l/100km (43 mpg US).

Both the 2WD and 4WD models, equipped with the non-turbo K6A engine, are certified as super-ultra-low emission vehicles (SULEVs) as they emit 75% fewer greenhouse gases than Japan’s 2005 exhaust emission standards. These models, as well as the 2WD model powered by the K6A intercooled turbo engine, qualify for tax reductions under the Green Tax program in Japan.

Suzuki Motor supplies the Moco to Nissan under an original equipment manufacturing agreement. Prices range from ¥1,058,400 to ¥1,365,000 (US$8,966 to US$11,562).



any more "English" specifications? Since we'll never see these cars in our light of day.

Adrian Akau

I would like to see more written on the Moco minicar since it seems to be so popular in Japan.

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Erm,. 5.49l/100km? Is it running on crude oil or something? Rightfuly this car should get around the 3-4 figure. One of my first cars in uni was a 1987 Subaru Sherpa (don't laugh). It had a 20l tank that could get me about 420km. (2 cylinder 4 stroke 700cc carburetted 33hp) That is about 4.7l/100 by the way.
And if they made something as compact as this why not go the extra mile nad make it hybrid anyway?
Also, I expected $6,000-8,000 for something like this.

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