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The Concept A

Volkswagen has unveiled its new Concept A—a crossover between a sports car and an SUV—that uses a 100 kW (150 hp) implementation of its new 1.4-liter Twincharger (TSI) engine.

The Twincharger, introduced in August 2005, combines the low-end power boost provided by a mechanically-driven compressor (supercharging) with the higher-end increase provided by an exhaust turbocharger (turbocharging) to enable the downsizing of the engine for a given application while maintaining the driving experience for consumers. (Earlier post.)

VW first applied the TSI engine to the Golf, in which the 1.4-liter TSI delivers a torque corresponding to a 2.3-liter engine, but with 20% less fuel consumption. Compared to the 2.0-liter FSI engine in the Gulf, the power and torque gains are clear (+14% and +20%, respectively), although the decrease in fuel consumption is more modest (-5%).

Put another way, the Twincharger 1.4-liter TSI offers 36% more power than its FSI cousin of the same displacement: 90 kW vs 66 kW.

Volkswagen’s focus with the Concept A is more on the design of the car than the powerplant, however. The company notes:

A turbo diesel direct fuel injection (TDI) with diesel particle filter, the FSI Turbo of the Golf GTI (147 kW / 200 hp) and much more could also be used. Studies can do and are allowed anything.

The TSI engine in the Concept A is coupled with a six-speed transmission and 4MOTION all-wheel drive. The vehicle will have its first public showing at the upcoming Geneva auto show.



So a 36% increase in power with a __% increase in fuel consumption compared to the standard 1.4-liter?


Combined cycle fuel consumption for the 1.4-liter FSI is about 6.5 liters/100km. Fuel consumption for the TSI is 7.2 liters/100km. Sooooo....a 36% increase in power accompanied by about an 11% increase in fuel consumption.


Hopefully the net weight of the 1.4 engine with the super turbo combo is less then the equivalent 2.3 as well.
because a light car is a good car.

Still, the twincharger is an expensive contraption. Can't see this car if produced being more then a boy's toy for the well off. Looks nice though.


its still a 1.4 liter motor though. how much fuel can this lawnmower gobble up ? compared to......lets say the ford excursion? Its a turn in the right direction, combining boosting capabilities, if you can keep reliability in the green. Problem have your bypass valve fail or somehow malfunction and your talking about Chernoybl of your motor. we shall see. i am interested to see if they brin git out and engineer it some more.

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