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VW Introduces 60-MPG Diesel Polo Bluemotion at Geneva Show

Polo Bluemotion

In Geneva, Volkswagen is presenting its first series production vehicle under the new BlueMotion banner: the Polo BlueMotion.

The Polo Bluemotion uses a modified version of the 3-cylinder 1.4-liter TDI diesel engine in the conventional Polo to produce the same power output—59 kW (79 hp)—and torque—195 Nm—but with a reduction in fuel consumption of 11% (0.5 liters/100km) to 3.9 liters/100km (60 mpg US).

Emissions of CO2 drop by 13% from 119 g/km to 103 g/km.

Volkswagen achieved the reduced consumption and emission values by using longer gear ratios (gears three to five have 12% to 24% longer ratios); by aerodynamic design of front and rear spoilers; and by other modifications inside the engine. The Volkswagen vehicle has a manual five-speed gearbox.

VW assembles the Polo BlueMotion in Pamplona in Spain. The car will be launched in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany in the Summer of 2006.

This Polo—the “spiritual successor to the Lupo 3L TDI” according to VW UK—marks the start of Volkswagen’s BlueMotion campaign. VW will develop BlueMotion into a seal of approval which will be awarded to the most fuel-efficient vehicles in a model range.


Michael Slavitch

Interesting. From what I hear it will be available in Canada in the diesel model to compete with the Yaris, which is selling like hotcakes.

The little Yaris is cute, and huge inside. Too bad ToMoCo isn't selling a diesel version here.


Michael, where did you hear about the Polo being available in Canada? I would love to buy the Polo if it were available at a decent price.

Robert Schwartz



nice car,

but we will see the same Problem as with all VW cars;

they are overpriced !


79hp? OMG why does it have so much power. I bet if they put a 30hp engine in it it would get even better mileage.


They put enough power in it so people will buy it.
My sister has a petrol Polo. They are fine cars, but nothing to write home about.
This is about the most economical one I have seen.

What we need is sort of ecology line of cars i nthe way we have performance lines. The bigger the engine, the faster you go etc. This sells well and is hard to sell against.
As you point out, 30hp would give better mileage but it would be hard to sell. The trick is to build a stream of versions with progressively better economy and lower performance with a positive "ecology" image rather than a negative "economy" image.


I was a joke at all the people obsessed with idea that cars have too much HP.


I think most of us got your attempt at a joke, Justin, but you don't have a valid argument. I think it's fair to say that most owners of cars that get 300+ hp will very rarely use more than 200 hp, and they by no means NEED more than 150 hp. I think I have a very valid position when saying that those cars have too much hp.

79 hp seems low by today's standards, but only because 200 hp has become the norm. Putting 79hp in this car should be applauded since it bucks the "I'm more manly than you, I have more horsepower" Neanderthal instincts to which many automakers are appealing.

Hampden Wireless

79hp is not way too much. Even these smaller cars weigh more then they used too. Anyone know i this car has auto engine shutdown at stops?


woo... people complaining 79 hp too much? Indeed, your car can still move pull by a horse. Whats the wind mills at the background hv anything to do with the little car?


Some people still don't understands that there is no correlation between peak HP and fuel economy.


I own a 1965 Austin Healey Sprite that is fun to drive but weighs 1600 lbs (727 KG?) and has 42 horsepower. It can go 80 MPH & gets 35 MPG. I would love a modern (less polluting) powerplant with a safer design weighing about 1500 lbs. Weight is the enemy! The modern automobile (excluding power source) is pretty much perfected. We don't need more horsepower, but lightweight, strong, simple cars.... Keep fighting the good fight, we can get there if we work together.


Hello, why is this not going to be offered in the States? I think it's a cute car that will sell very well. It's very comparable to several models by other mfr, so what the holdup?


States appeal to Supreme court on CO2 car emissions

"Automobile manufacturers oppose any rules to cut CO2 emissions, claiming they would make cars smaller, lighter and less powerful, which they say, would strip cars of attributes consumers demand."

doug hetrick

With that small of a motor. I'd think they would use a CVT.

Peter Bursztyn

Wow! 79 bhp! My VW Jetta TDI (2005 model) has 100, but my 2005 *smart* has a teensy 3-cyl, 800cc 40bhp mill! It's just fine. I have taken it on several highway trips when it keeps up with traffic and even overtakes from time to time.

A 1960 Land Rover I owned in Kenya (and drove from there to England in 1972) boasted a magnificent 65bhp from 2.3 litres. It too would keep up with highway traffic - despite rather angular bodywork. Overtaking was sometimes a challenge.

The Landy also managed to cross Africa on "roads" which would make a Jeep blanch. And guess what - you do not need 250 bhp to pull you over the Sahara!

will dickerson

It is amazing how spoiled we are. I put 200K miles on a 1967 Opel Kadett with 54 HP and drove it across the US twice. It averaged 35mpg and would return as high as 42mpg with careful highway driving. It would run 80 mph and cruise comfortably at 60-65 mph. By today's standards, it was slow but I loved it dearly and almost cried when after 19 years of constant service, it was rusted to the point where it could not continue in service. I think that VW is crazy for not thinking about certifying and selling this car in the US market!!

Ed Johnston

When can we get a car like the VW Polo in the States.60 mpg is great.I'm tired of making the oil companies rich. Ed


Yes, VW will be selling the Polo in Canada. I was told by a regional rep in the US that it will likely happen after the next redesign. Don't know if you'll get the TDI or not, one can only hope. Now if we can only convince VW of America that we need the Polo here in the US too. I know they can make it crash worthy (which is supposidly the current hold up) if Toyota and Honda can make their micro cars crash test here. UGH, come on VW... we need more fuel efficient cars... forget more HP, bring the smaller engines and let the consumers decide, and for God's sake get rid of the 2.5 5cyl... it really sucks!!!!!

George Harvey

I am looking for a new car that can replace my 1991 Chevrolet Metro XFI that still consistently gets 65 mpg on highway at 55 mph, and 60 mpg in town. It cruises comfortably at 65 to 70 mph. I am beginning to worry about this car ever wearing out even though it has been the most reliable I have owned, and still does not use appreciable amounts of oil. It had Redline gear oil replacement for the standard variety, and I use Castrol 5-50 Syntec motor oil. I had to have 3 battery replacements and a new set of tires but no other significant expenses. I understand that this car was made by Suzuki and assembled in Canada but discontinued in 1993 or 1994. I have not been able to find any new car in the U.S. like it.

ken goetz

I drive a 2003 Jetta TDI wagon that get 45 to 57 MPG with no problem, but the key to great fuel economy is your driving skills and habits. While all the SUV's fly by me on the New York State highways at 75M MPH and faster, ( where the posted speed limit is 65 MPH )I drive at about 69 MPH and save fuel. You will never see super fuel efficient vehicles like the VW Polo, Citroen, and Peugeot imported into the USA because our gov't feels bad for the auto manfactures and oil companies...they won't be able to sell their gas hog vehicles, and the oil companies won't be able to sell billions of gallons of gas !!My take is jack up fuel costs to $5.00 to 10.00 a gallon....and see what cars sell now......go VW !!!


Remember with a diesel you need to focus on torque. They may have lower horsepower, but they have higher torque which translates to quick off the line. I guess it is market driven, but Toyota is going the hybrid route (maybe just to license the technology to other manufacturers) Look out when Honda brings their diesel. Fuel economy plus great dealer service. Sorry VW


It's unfortunate here in the United States. Americans have become obsessed with big gas-guzzling monsters. Then, Cadillac makes a big deal that the new Escalade gets 19 mpg. Way to go Detroit!! American cars have to be crash worthy against big trucks & suv's. That's why VW is having such a challenge w/ the Lupo & Polo. We also cant forget California emissions. Im sure politics plays a big role too. Damn Bush & his Arab oil buddies. Hopefully, things will change when he's out of Washigton! If Americans could drive cars like Europeans, id love to see how much less oil we would use.


"The Landy also managed to cross Africa on "roads" which would make a Jeep blanch."

Well, I've driven Jeeps where Land Rover's have never made it back in one piece. Let's see one take on the Rubicon Trail. As for the Polo, it seems that VW is trying to certify the 2010 model for US markets. Watch this space VERY closely. I'm thinking that they'll sell 250,000 of them the first year here.

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