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Altairnano and Electro Energy to Partner on Lithium-Ion Batteries

Altair Nanotechnologies and Electro Energy have entered into a four-year Joint Development Agreement for the design, manufacture and marketing of high-power lithium-ion batteries and battery systems. Initial target markets consist of a variety of portable devices, including hand-held power tool applications.

Under the terms of the agreement, Altairnano and Electro Energy will jointly develop a new generation of rechargeable batteries based on Altairnano’s advanced nano-structured electrode materials (earlier post) and Electro Energy’s patented bi-polar cell design (earlier post).

Altairnano’s rapid charge Lithium Titanate Spinel electrode nanomaterials promise a recharge time of approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Electro Energy’s bi-polar design is more compact, exhibits higher power capability, and presumably will be lower in cost that the conventional cylindrical and prismatic designs.

Electro Energy is currently working with CalCars on a custom prototype battery pack based on the bi-polar NiMH batteries for use in CalCars’s Prius+ plug-in hybrid testbed.

Both companies believe that the combined technologies will create a range of new lithium ion batteries that are expected to deliver improved functionality and cost performance.


Nuclear Waste. Heard of it?

I have heard that the reason GM EV1 didnt go through was the fact that the cars never needed any repair which is where these Big Co's and Dealers make alot of money in replacement parts or even new cars. They are also heavily invested in gas companies. Its no wonder that Toyota and Honda are taking over the market. Alot of people "babyboomers" are hippies from the 60's. There was even a waiting list of 5000 plus the existing leased fleet of 1500 EV1's. Greed will eventully ruin the american automakers. We will see EV's again but from Asia.


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