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Bosch Providing Gasoline Direct-Injection Systems to Mercedes and BMW/PSA

Bosch piezo injectors.

Bosch is supplying the spray-guided gasoline direct-injection system for the new Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CGI (earlier post).

The core of this system is a set of very fast-switching piezo injectors, making their debut in a series-produced car in the 350 CGI, as well as the engine management system. The fuel spray injected into the combustion chamber is so finely atomized that it can be ignited directly without mixing in the combustion chamber—a spray-guided combustion process with stratified charge.

A high-pressure pump and downstream fuel rail and pressure control valve are responsible for delivering the fuel and regulating the quantity supplied.

Gasoline direct injection with piezo injectors reduces consumption by up to 15% compared with today’s port fuel injection.

—Dr Rolf Leonhard, Vice-President Development for Gasoline Systems at Bosch

In 2005, researchers and developers from Bosch and Siemens VDO who worked independently on piezo technology for gasoline and diesel engines were jointly awarded the German President’s Zukunftspreis, the award for innovation and advanced technology. Bosch is now the first company to embark on mass production of a piezo-controlled gasoline injection system.

DI-Motronic Direct gasoline injection: (1) High-pressure pump, (2) Fuel rail, (3) Injectors

Bosch has also developed a second-generation DI-Motronic system for use with solenoid-controlled injection valves. Like the piezo system, the DI-Motronic system delivers injection pressures up to 200 bar—around 50 times the fuel pressure in a conventional gasoline injection system.

This system will launch later this year in a 1.6-liter engine jointly developed by BMW and PSA and destined for use in the Mini, among others, according to Bosch.

We are assuming that by 2010, annual production of gasoline engines equipped with direct injection will top three million.

—Dr Leonhard



I wonder how soon one will be able to purchase these from an auto-zone type store?

It would be an awesome project to mod a motorcycle engine with this technology.

Rafael Seidl

You will probably never be able to get this technology as a retrofit kit bacause:

(a) high pressure fuel systems require additional safety precautions.

(b) the geometries of the intake manifold and combustion chambers have to be tailored to the technology (though much less so than earlier versions). You also have to exploit the higher compression ratio feasible with direct fuel injection in order to realize the full savings potential. That means using slightly longer connrods and a crankcase with limited liner distortion near the top of the cylinder.

(c) in principle, particulate emissions can reach levels normally seen only in diesels. This can be avoided, but only if the whole system is very carefully engineered.

(d) it's not clear from the article if the 15% savings require the engine to be operated with a globally lean mixture. If so, the usual three-way catalyst would have to be replaced with an NOx storage model or a two-way cat plus an SCR system running on a urea solution (that you have to top up regularly).

I'm not aware of any efforts to apply this to motorcycles.


Reliability is a big issue for Bosch products. Particularly LOTS of their injectors for common rail diesel fail prematurely.

jamal haroni

please would you can provided me the dtial of the control unit system work of the motronic type .

Cesar Alceste

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Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Cesar Alceste

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