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GEM Neighborhood EVs in France


Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), a DaimlerChrysler company, will partner with Matra Manufacturing and Services to offer the range of GEM light electric vehicles in France. The vehicles will be available in two-passenger, four-passenger and utility versions.

The GEM vehicles will provide a solution to the European customer looking for alternative transportation for short distances and to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. The vehicle has a speed up to 25 mph and a range of 30 miles.

The basic two-seater GEM uses a 72-volt motor powered by a 72-volt deep-cycle lead acid battery pack. The batteries recharge using the onboard charger (110-volt AC input) and regenerative braking.

GEMs are best-selling street-legal neighborhood electric vehicles in North America. In the U.S., zero-emission GEMs are in use in a variety of settings, including housing communities, city centers, industrial and academic campuses and military bases. More than 30,000 GEMs have been sold worldwide.


Rafael Seidl

These sound like just the ticket for corporate security staff as well as those senior citizens who no longer feel safe driving at high speed.

What baffles me is that the charger takes 110V AC input. The grid voltage in continental Europe is 220V.


That’s the basic US model.


I've seen a few in my neighborhood (coastal southern California). There's one old guy who drives his no-doors 2 seater in any weather.

It's always easier to think something is practical when you've seen them in practice ;-)


yayay let's drive around in golf carts


what's wrong with golf carts?

so long as you only drive during rush hour, you'd be able to keep up with freeway traffic in SoCal


In europe electricity is about 5 times cheaper per energy unit than gasoline. I think the would make sence to drive if you only have to go short distances.


We would like some info on your golf carts that are st legal. We are elderly folks & need to cut out gas expenses down. Thanks much

H meehl


If anyone is interested in a GEM car, I have 2 new ones for sale. No doors, they come without doors and you can buy them if you want them. White 2 seater car $4500 approx 50miles on it and a green 2 seater shortbed truck approx 75miles on it $4500. I'm only selling them because they are my cousins and he cannot get his street legal because the road he wants to travel on is 55mph and can only be ridden on 35mph or less roads. I would buy them from him because I also have two that I use all the time at our camp they are great, I don't have the money to buy his yet. (304)686-2888

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