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Hyundai to Make Hybrids in China by 2008, Fuel-Cell Vehicles by 2010

China Daily. Hyundai Motor will introduce gasoline-electric hybrids into the Chinese market before the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, and fuel-cell vehicles by 2010, according to the chairman of Beijing Hyundai, Hyundai’s joint venture with Beijing Automotive Industry Corp.

In December 2005, Hyundai Motor (HMC) chose the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition as the venue for its unveiling of a mild-hybrid version of the Accent sedan, due to go on sale this year in Korea as a 2007 model. (Earlier post.)

These [hybrid and fuel cell vehicles] are [an] important part of our efforts to provide environmentally-friendly products as well as follow the central government’s call to build a resource-efficient society.

—Xu Heyi, chairman Beijing Hyundai

Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor, Toyota’s joint venture with China FAW Group Corporation (FAW), began assembling the Prius hybrid in China in December 2005. Toyota sold 487 units of the hybrid-powered Prius in China in the first two months of 2006.

General Motors (GM), Volkswagen and Chinese car firm Geely all also plan to make hybrids in China by 2008, perhaps earlier. GM says it will also produce fuel-cell vehicles in China in 2010.

Beijing Hyundai, set up in 2002, is one of the fastest-growing car manufacturers in China. The venture plans to sell 300,000 cars this year. In 2005, sales increase by 62% from the year before to 234,000 units.



This is great news. GM with plans for 2010 in China. Honda with plans for 2010 worldwide. Hydundai with plans for 2010 in China. I think fuel cell vehicles are closer than most people think. Unfortunately, however, it looks like the US is going to lag behind and other will define the codes and standards that make the hydrogen economy first.


How about having an affordable, durable product? Codes and standards really?


Yes those Chinese...with the vast wealth, Hyundai/GM are no doubt targeting China because they can afford these million dollar vehciles. Then again maybe the pete and repeat false press about the million dollar claim will be proven incorrect at production time.

With 1/10 the moving parts the entire supply relationship changes for fuel cell vehicles. I guess duh must be from one of those companies on the losing end of the stick.


Geely is to make hybrid soon, china will enter every market, and hopefully do good in it http://www.chinacarforums.com

henk daalder

Fuel cell technology companies have shown to be able to half the price of a fuel cell system every year. For the last 10 years.
With this rate, 2010 is the year a fuel cell powertrain is cheaper then a petrol based one.
These are the facts, even without cheap chinese labour.

Maybe its the very shortsightedness of the US vehicle customer, and their corporations, that makes them lag behind.

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