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Renault Introduces 50MPG Dacia Logan Diesel for Less Than US$12K

The 1.5 dCi diesel engine for the Logan.

Renault has applied its 1.5-liter dCi diesel engine in the Dacia Logan, resulting in a 50mpg vehicle (4.7 l/100km) that it will sell starting at €9,840 (US$11,800). Renault also uses the 1.5 dCi in its own Clio range.

Renault took a majority (51%) interesting in Dacia, the Romanian carmaker, in 1999. By 2004, Renault had increased that ownership to 99.3%. Renault has already pumped almost half a billion euros (US$604.3 million) into modernizing the group, which was to be the provider of inexpensive cars for “emerging” markets. In 2004, Dacia introduced the Logan, built on the same Nissan-Renault B-segment platform as the Clio (and the Nissan Micra).

The low-cost Logan (€5,000, US$6,000) was originally to sell only in Eastern Europe and Russia. Demand proved so strong, however, that Renault began selling the car in France, Germany and Spain as well. Production is under way at new assembly plants in Russia (April 2005), Morocco (July 2005) and Colombia (September 2005).

Renault is extending production to Iran in late 2006, followed by India and Brazil in 2007.

But the Logan’s gasoline engine choices are not as advanced as those of the Clio, and despite being a lighter car than the Clio, it consumes more fuel than its cousin. (Earlier post.) The introduction of the 1.5 dCi diesels, however, changes that. Although priced significantly higher than the gasoline versions, at €9,6840 the 1.5 dCi Logan offers Euro-4 compliance and CO2 emissions of 125 g/km along with its 4.7 l/100km fuel consumption.

The Logan 1.5-liter diesel uses a low-inertia turbocharger and delivers 70 hp (50 kW) and 160 Nm of torque from 1,700 rpm. The second-generation common rail injection system features dedicated injector calibration, enabling the injection timing and flow to be controlled for each injector individually. This injection system permits better control of the quality of combustion and, in particular, of pre-injection. Pre-injection flow is controlled over the entire life of the engine, improving its performance and sound level, and helping directly to reduce pollutant emissions.

The five-speed manual gearbox, derived from gasoline-engine versions, has extended gear ratios to exploit the torque of the diesel engine.



Wow Renault really turned Dacia around. As a Romanian I never imagined Dacia productin modern cars.


big irritated yawn from this reader.i get 50 mpg in a 1999 vintage diesel that's 400cc's larger with an ancient 8-valve head and rotary pump. why is this news?



Because its being built in the thirt world for about a third of what your vintage VW cost adjusted for inflation. It also happens to be safer with much lower emissions than your antique.


I like cheap effective stuff. You know, the not so fantastic but better then average hammer that puts the nail in the wood just as much as an expensive one can.
Most Romanians I know hate Dacia. It is a lumbering memory of Socialist years gone by.
But if Dacia is now making new really cheap vehicles then thats exciting news. I just hope this one is well designed because unless the quality control has been revamped under new mamagement, these cars will become high maintenance.


If you can read French, there is an article, with photos, about the new Dacia Logan diesel, in the March 14, 2006 edition of Auto Plus. You can even get air conditioning, for an extra 840 euros ( about $1,050 ). Although the review is generally positive, it does note a few primitive features of this vehicle. The Logan lacks an adjustable steering wheel, and there is no inside trunk release. I guess we'll never see this car in the USA, as Renault pulled out of the US many years ago.

Emmanuel A.

Nice modest car at a very affordable price.I dont think there is any auto maker around that can beat this kind of price.I hope they will do well in the future.

Aurel P Micurescu

Please send me more info about Dacia Steppe


please send me mor information about Renault Logan 1.6 (16 valve,107 hp)
even fuel consumption.


This engine is going to be introduced in India also, also heard that the mileage for the diesel engine in test track is more than 30km/litre


Read more about the Renault logan at


which car to buy logan or fiesta diesel?


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