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Tulsa Transit Adds a GM Diesel Hybrid Bus

The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority announced the addition to its mass transit fleet of a Gillig bus powered by General Motors’ diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system.

The city of Tulsa becomes the 33rd community to invest in transit buses powered by GM’s parallel hybrid technology, which is the basis for the two-mode hybrid system that GM will launch next year in its full-size SUVs.

The GM hybrid buses deliver significantly better fuel economy than traditional buses and produce up to 60% fewer oxides of nitrogen emissions and 90% fewer particulate, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions. Other benefits of the buses include reduced maintenance costs resulting from extended brake, engine oil and transmission oil life; superior torque, providing 50% faster acceleration compared with conventional diesel buses, and operational sound levels approaching that of passenger cars. (Earlier post.)

Since 2004, 430 GM hybrid-powered buses have been delivered to communities in the US and Canada, including Yosemite National Park in California. The estimated annual combined fuel savings for the 430 GM hybrid-powered buses is 625,000 gallons.

GM expects to delivers another 237 GM hybrid-powered buses to several cities by the end of the year.


Rafael Seidl

For all the bad rap GM gets on this forum - much of it deserved IMHO - this is one example where they are among the world leaders because they have a really good solution. Thumbs up!


GM hybrid bus is in fact pretty straightforward fit of Allison hydraulic automatic transmission to regular bus. It works well. Allison was bought by GM, but never really was GM-style run enterprise.


Don't GM make more hybrid vehicles than anyone else?

Apart from trains, obviously.


GM makes more hybrids than anyone else? How did you come to that conclusion?


They make tons of hybrid busses as far as I'm aware.

But I shouldn't realy bring that up as GM are bad and Toyota are good (the Tundra and Land Cruiser get great mpg dont they?).


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