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Corning Incorporated will begin supplying a new, advanced cordierite (magnesium aluminum silicate—Mg2Al4Si5O18) diesel particulate filter to light-duty diesel vehicle manufacturers.

This is the second cordierite filter for light-duty diesel applications that Corning has launched. In 2005, Corning introduced DuraTrap AT filters, which are being used by leading automakers for light-duty diesel applications as an effective alternative to systems designed for silicon carbide. (Earlier post.)

Compared to traditional cordierite, Corning’s monolithic DuraTrap AC filters offer low pressure drop to help reduce fuel consumption and increase the power rating. They also offer improved thermal durability and high-filtration efficiency.

Corning is targeting the DuraTrap AC filters to be the first cordierite filters used in large-scale for diesel passenger cars. They are optimized for use in light-duty diesel vehicles that have new and advanced regeneration systems.

DuraTrap AC filters offer a performance combination of relatively high-soot-mass limit with a low pressure drop, compared to traditional cordierite. The filter’s low pressure drop allows for integrated functionality in catalyzed-soot filter applications.

In addition, the new filter offers strong thermal characteristics and a wide operating window. DuraTrap AC’s high-filtration efficiency will help light-duty auto makers to meet more stringent Euro-5 emissions regulations.

Corning will begin manufacturing and supplying DuraTrap AC filters in the first half of 2007.


gerald earl

well awright,here come da diesels.


Yea! Now put little dinky ones in a hybrid to keep the electric motor drives charged.

25 H.P. would be sufficent. Constant speed. Only run when needed.

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